Mach #92 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 14

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And finally caught up.

This is a good thing.

I’ll probably fall behind regardless.

At least I’ll have stuff to rant about.

Let’s do this, right?

Onward, ho!

[ day fourteen – current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper ]

Oh lawdy, it’s not Garrus.

So I found the original wallpaper on some official Japanese Sonic site. The site had the original paper with a lot of text and it didn’t fit my resolution. So I had to do a lot of editing.

Regardless, Silver, as sad as it seems, is probably one of my favorite new additions to the Sonic cast.

*runs and hides*

Until then, later~


Mach #91 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 13

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One more to make up for.

Then the one for the actual day.

I’d imagine that people are gonna kill me about today’s 30DOG though.

Oh well. At least it’s not Garrus, I’ll tell you that much.

Let’s do this.

[ day thirteen – a game you’ve played more than five times ]

The obvious answer here any music game I’ve played in the last twelve or so years. So that’s the answer it’s gonna be. Specifically this one.

Bust-A-Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix. Why of all games this one? Easy. One, I could play this game over and over again without a problem at all. Two, I constantly lose my data for this game and somehow, I have to keep unlocking everyone OVER and OVER again. But why this version in particular? I’m aware that there is a US version for this game, but the Japanese version actually has character endings. Most of the dialogue and menu stuff is actually in English, so regardless, I understand most of it.

Plus, I’m not a huge fan of the US versions of some of the Japanese songs.

Until then, later~

Mach #90 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 12

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Here’s the next day I’m catching up on.

More stuff to rant about.

I should probably plug avatars in later.

Yeah, I should do that.

[ day twelve – a game everyone should play ]

A game everyone sh0uld play, huh? The obvious choice here is Dance Dance Revolution. However, I’ll go in a slightly different direction for this one.

Note: At 1:44, those boobs have a mind of their own.

Anyway, I’ll go with the DJMAX Series. A lesser known music game with some limited exposure here in the US. It was first released here as DJMAX Fever and then in a limited release, DJMAX Portable 3. There have been several iterations of the game elsewhere around Korea. Two online games (DJMAX Online and DJMAX Trilogy), several PSP games (Portable 1, Portable 2, Clazziquai Edition, Black Square, and Hot Tunes [for Japan]).

This game pretty much plays like Konami’s beatmania. Hit the note in time correctly in the song, and the keysound will play the appropriate music. It’s more about the songs in this that really make the game though. The quality of the music is just superb. Even the licensed tracks that pretty much the whole Clazziquai Edition was based off of has a bunch of great music to listen to.

Until then, later~

Mach #89 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 11

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Fuck, I’m already behind as is.

Might as well start catching up now.

You know, before I start shrugging this whole thing off completely.

Can’t let that happen, right?

Anyway, let’s start making up for what I missed.

[ day eleven – gaming system of choice ]

This one is actually pretty easy. As much as I like the Playstation 2 and what it’s offered me for years now, I had to choose this for a couple more reasons.

This system has done a lot for me. HD gaming, connecting me with friends, and giving me a system so I could play as Garrus… Well, not play as, but you get the idea. There’s just so much more on here than I could’ve ever asked for. A system to watch movies on the fly, play games with friends from my neighborhood and around the world, and even download some classic games that I loved from previous systems.

It just offers a lot and connects me with people I give a damn about. The 360 gets my love.

Until then, later~

Mach #88 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 10

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So another four lines.

Here’s line two.

Here’s line three.

Here’s line four.

There we go, let’s get moving with this before I run out of time for the day?

[ day ten – best gameplay ]

So have I actually payed attention to many games and really thought about intensely good gameplay? No, I suppose that I’m one of those people who play for the joy of actually playing a game instead of actually playing to pay attention to minuscule details about how a game plays. Regardless, there was one game I noticed that made my me playing it a lot better.

Say hello to this game for like the fifth time.

This game makes it hard to go back to the first one. There were a lot of fixes from the first one like smoother controls, better commands for controlling your character. Even simple things like taking cover behind objects became a lot easier. Compared to Mass Effect 1, it was a lot more tolerable to play. There were just so many broken mechanics about the first game, it actually made me put it off for a while.

Mainly because of the Mako. That mother fucking Mako

Either way, there really wasn’t a time where I didn’t think the controls didn’t flow smoothly. Everything (mostly) responded the way I want to and there was enough action in-game to keep me engaged.

Until then, later~


Mach #87 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 9

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It’s another day

For 30 days of gaming

How bout dem haiku?

And that’s four lines. Let’s get crackin’

[ day nine – saddest game scene ]

Has there ever been a scene that’s been a real tear jerker for me? Honestly, I don’t remember. My memory kinda sucks like that. If I honestly had to choose one though? It actually looks like I’m gonna have to cop out on this one and choose an anime gone game. So spoilers after the jump. Those who actually pay attention to this series might not wanna know?
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Mach #86 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 8

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With a lot less stress on my back, I can finally find time to type up this entry.

Even in the middle of class.

In other news, I gotta return Mass Effect 2 to my friend tomorrow. Looks like I won’t be able to use my Cerberus Card until later.

At least the game is only $20 now.

Enough space wasted, let’s get moving!

[ day eight – best soundtrack ]

By any standard whatsoever, this isn’t the best soundtrack of all time. Nothing really too stellar about this soundtrack either, but it means a lot to me in terms of being the type of gamer I am today.

The Bust-A-Move, or as we know it in the US, Bust-A-Groove soundtrack is my choice. I first encountered this game back when my local mall had two game stores in it. In this case, Software Etc. had this game available as a demo. I figure the game was interesting enough from it’s one stage.

Several months later, I would discover that a cousin of mine had this game. At a party, I fully indulged myself in this game and have loved it ever since.

This game pretty much established myself as a rhythm gamer. The characters were cool, the soundtrack itself was amazing. So many different styles of music were represented and a bunch of different dance styles were represented as well.

The years of me singing Shorty and the EZ MOUSE and dancing to Sora to Umi to Niji no Yume. Times that I’ll never forget. Even today, I still listen to this soundtrack pretty regularly.

Until then, later~

Sora to Umi to Niji no Yume

Mach #85 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 7

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Another day, another entry. I actually like updating this blog again. Even if it means that the entries are short and completely not longwinded. Perfectly fine with me though.

Although, I should probably get some new avatars or maybe attempt to revive this whole blog again, but I doubt that will happen.

I should probably update We Fear Change with something though… Maybe some music. I’ve gotten a couple of nice acquisitions as of lately.

But here’s the four line mark. Now I could actually get on with the update.

[ day seven – favorite gaming couple ]

Now, I actually had a decently tough time with this one. I don’t really pay attention to gaming couples, nor do I really care for them all that much. On top of that, I don’t believe I’ve immersed myself in a game long enough to actually give a crap about a couple. This includes almost every RPG I’ve played as well.

But, eventually, I had to boil it down to something. In reality, I really don’t have one. I would’ve said FemShep x Garrus, but I don’t think that would count. I mean, the closest those two got to even being anywhere near romantic was a fucking headbump.

Who needs a sandwich when you got cake?

Mario and Peach are my choice. Why? Mario is a persistent fellow. Always rushing out to save the Princess whenever she’s in danger. Whether it’s through several worlds, in paper form, or even light years away, he’ll be there to save her. Plus, Mario doesn’t have to slap Peach to make him a sandwich. Regardless, Peach bakes cakes~

Peach, in her own way can defend herself as well. Shown through several games, she has the power to fight back. With various weaponry from kitchenware, sports equipment, and her trusty umbrella, she can mess people up. Plus, she can hover. I don’t see any other Princesses doing that.

Until then, later~

Mach #84 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 6

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Whoops! It’s 11 o’clock! Better do something before I forget to post this on time again.

Today has just been all kinds of tiring, but I should let that stop me this time.

Anyway, let’s move on with this and get cracking on the next day.

Should be fun to talk about.

[ day six – most annoying character ]

I’ve actually been thinking about this one all day. I’ve gone through a bunch of games that I’ve played in my head and decided to break it down and think about who I would wanna talk about. Slippy from Star Fox came to mind, as well as Fuuka from Persona 3. I’m pretty sure Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII came up as well. Overall, while they’re just generally annoying, I basically broke it down to this character.

Honestly, I hate Jack and I find her annoying. There’s just a couple of aspects about her character that I really dislike throughout the game that bothered me the whole game.

Oooh, I’m the crazy psycho bitch, no one understands me. I grew up living a terrible life. Woe is me. You sided with Miranda? Consider me dead. I’m no longer loyal to you and it’s gonna take a great deal of Paragon to win me back.

Plus, this bitch died on me in my run. Seriously, her personality sucks and besides having good biotics, she has nothing else going for her. She could die in the depths of space for all I care.

Until then, later~

Mach #83 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 5

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Whoops, forgot to update yesterday.

Guess that’s what happens when your morning is run with helping your family out, then your afternoon is riddled with a class that got canceled, but you forgot about.

But your day was suddenly made up because you got to see your advisor and wiggled your way into making a potential $80, but the only thing stopping you was having a decent screwdriver on your hands. No matter, though. You own a Swiss army knife. You just gotta bring that with you today.

And your school has bitchin’ pasta, so your day was good enough anyway.

Anyway, let’s sub up for Day 5 and get that rolling.

[ day five – character you wish you were (or are most like) ]

I’ll leave it up to your imagination for which of the two I chose.

Oh hey, it's you again.

So, no surprises here. Mr. Vakarian is the choice here. In short, he fights for what he believes in and in one way or another, gets it done. Even if it’s not the most convenient of ways. As much as has the potential to lead, it’s always suppressed for someone who will make a better decision in the end. Even if it’s walking into hell, he’ll follow that choice.

I suppose, like him, I’m one of those idiots who would want to change the world around me. Even if it means going elsewhere to do it.

Eh, hopefully, I’ll be able to make that difference somehow.

Anyway, I’ll get Day 6 up later tonight to make up for me missing a day.

Until then, later~