Mach #52 – As if I don’t have class in the next 15 minutes.

So there I am, sitting at the mall, eating Taco Bell, thinking to myself, “Fuck, I’m totally not gonna be able to finish this Crunchwrap Supreme. I know this was made to go, but this person sure did a horrible job folding this shit.” And I look at my cell phone at the time…

It’s 1:45 PM. Fuck, I totally have class at 2:00.

I leave the mall at 2:00, arrive at class at 2:30. What a day so far.

Anyway, rant time. Mostly in gaming news and stuff, so it’s relevant to what this blog is about. So let’s get started shall we?

The Gamestop Game Days sale. If you haven’t seen the list, you should. The list isn’t as amazing as it was last year but there are a couple of games that people should watch out for since they’re that worth it (or at least I think so). In bold is what I actually plan to purchase. If not, it’s just worth noting.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (DS) – $19.99
  • Metal Slug 7 (DS) – $14.99
  • Final Fantasy I (PSP) – $9.99
  • Final Fantasy II (PSP) – $9.99
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP) – $9.99
  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (360) – $9.99
  • Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) – $29.99

So why do I note Guitar Hero in this? They currently have a deal where you could get a free wired X-Plorer Guitar if you buy one either the Aerosmith Bundle, Aerosmith (Game Only), or Guitar Hero: World Tour Bundle. So since the game is only $10, the guitar itself is only $10. Trade the game back in, the guitar is essentially $5. Great deal, huh?

You’re insane if you own a PS3 and not buy Valkyria Chronicles. Buy it now.

As far as the other two games I plan to get, simply, just because they were expensive before, they’re cheaper now, so why not, right?

Gaming progress? Pokemon Platinum, I’m currently training. Mainly to just overshoot everything I’ve been doing and stuff. Level 40+ team before the 6th badge, so that Cyrus is easier to rape. God Hand has seen some light and I’ve reached the first check point. Call of Duty 4 has seen light as well and I hope to complete this campaign as soon as I can, but why the hell did I decide to play it on Hardened? Fuck

Halo 3 is for when people feel like facing me and why did I buy Alien Homnid? I’m so bad at the game. Maybe this will see a someday. Damn you deals for being so cheap and wanting me to get all the characters in Castle Crashers. 😦

Anyway, seems like that’s enough for me. As for the story? I’ve gotten lazy, but I do want to shoot some extra time into it when I have more time to do it and stuff. Don’t worry, it will see a release this week. Hopefully…

Until then, later~


4 Responses to “Mach #52 – As if I don’t have class in the next 15 minutes.”

  1. WanderingMind Says:

    Good luck with God Hand. Toughest game I’ve played in a while.

  2. Needs more Halo with me and Da-….me! :ahoy:

  3. FFI & II for 10 bux each…

    If only I wasn’t saving money up for RE5.

  4. I should get in on some of that Halol action at some point. 😮

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