Spectro #9 – I’m still kickin’ [ass]

Yeah, I’m alive. At the beginning of March I got back into World of Warcrack, so.. yeah. That’s why I’ve been gone. 😀 Does anyone else play? I know it’s a pain in the ass to come to a different server once you’ve gotten comfortable with your current character, and it costs $25 to move the damn thing, but if you’re lonely and all by yourself I’m on Mannoroth. I’m leveling a few different characters at once, but my main is Spectro. He’s a midget mage. >:D Give me a shout on my backlog or send me an IM on any of the messengers I use if you want to play with me. I usually forget to check the comments here.
I was also telling Derkomach that I got my 360 softmodded, so I’ve been playing a lot of burned games. Anyone got any suggestions for games I should download? Also, I’ve been debating whether or not to add my burned games to my backlog with the little “Other” symbol. I may end up doing it just so I can keep track of what I’m playing. It’s nice to be able to save some money. Now maybe I can buy some more Final Fantasy games for Noi’s marathon that I’ve been waiting months for.

I wanted to touch on something. Take a look at this if haven’t already: [link]

Done reading? Okay, WTF CAPCOM. I know this is a rumor, but I knew that other publishers had done this before. Kotaku provides a link to an article from 2006 where some older 360 games used unlock keys that you had to pay for to unlock content already on the disc you’ve already purchased. This disgusts me. This disgusts me even more than buying levels and shit on Vesperia. I don’t know what else to say about this.. I mean I’d love to boycott the Versus DLC, but I want to kill some friends as Wesker. 😦

I apologize if this is poorly formatted and/or has bad grammar. It’s been a while since I actually tried to write something. Hell, my last blog was what? Beginning of February?

P.S. Someone remind me to attend Noi’s stream. There’s one on Saturday right?


4 Responses to “Spectro #9 – I’m still kickin’ [ass]”

  1. Given that everything is working for him alright.

    Minty has pulled back for a while. Hojo is sporadic when it comes to streaming. Ashen is ceasing streaming during his project, and I want to get streamin’ gear. 😐

  2. Softmodded? And no XBL bans? How’d you do it? I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I afraid of getting banned. 😮

  3. At least you’re more alive than Tenksy.

  4. Tenks needs to fucking update.

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