Len #20 – He’s lost faith in me!

Oh noesz! Sorry, somewhere along the line, I simply lost motivation, I suppose. Even though I made that vow! Oh well. Let’s not talk about life. It’s hot n’ cold like Katy Perry. c wut I did thar? But seriously. Anyway, gaming updates. Let’s gogogo.

Like Chao said, gaming-wise, I’ve got a lot to rant about. I’ve been such an ass to him lately. :[ Sorry, hun.

Well, recently this week, I’ve been marathoning Halo 3.. much to my own surprise. I’m not as terrible as I thought I was.

I finished the campaign on Normal and Heroic with friends. The only reason I finished it in the first place was because it’s just too damn boring to do by myself. Plus, I don’t even understand the story. 😛

It’s funny, considering I hate FPS in general. But it made me appreciate the Halo series a lot more, hah.

Prior to that. Actually – months prior to that, I was struck with the devstating RROD. However, that happened in mid-February. I sent my 360 in about a month later. The process is a lot easier than I thought it would be. First, I filed a repair report on the Microsoft site and printed out my shipping label, then I stripped my 360 of its HD and any extra crap I had loaded on it, then I went to UPS and paid about 11 dollars for them to pack it and ship it. I gave them the label, paid, got my receipt and I was done. It was sent on the 17th of March and I got it back on the 30th. Not too bad.

Anyway – prior to my Halo marathon, my friend let me borrow his copy of Resident Evil 5. I must say, I was easily addicted. At first, I thought I wouldn’t bother with it, but one day I was just so bored so I decided to pop it in.

I don’t regret my actions, heh. It was amazing. It felt a lot easier than RE4, but it had its own challenges. But it was really a lot easier. The story had me kind of confused, considering I’m quite the noob to the Resident Evil series, but I eventually caught on. It was really great. Chris was such a sexy beast.

I loved the co-oping presented in the game, as well. And personally, I don’t hate the “stand still and shoot” concept at all. It was fun.

Oh, and I loved the active cutscenes. How you had to mash certain buttons at precise times during the cutscenes to avoid attacks and such.

Of course, nothing beats the major LOL I got from “HELP – LT+RT”.

Wesker was such a sexy beast.

Anyway, after having orgasms from playing Resident Evil 5, I decided to go back and start the series from RE1. I would have started up RE4 again, but my friend borrowed my GameCube memory card. :[

I’ve played Resident Evil for about an hour.
I know these were the “original” controls that “made” the series, so to speak.. but I can’t stand them. “I DIDN’T TELL YOU TO GO THAT WAY, JILL!”

And I know this game is old, but jumping from 360 graphics to PsOne graphics is really horrendous for my eyes. I might purchase Resident Evil REmake for the GameCube. It looks more promising than this one feels.

Let’s see – I played and beat Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I honestly found the SSE or the “story” mode tedious and boring. The final boss was haaard. Meta Knight was my savior.

I HAAAATED how they stripped Mario of his awesome cape spin attack thingy and replaced it with his stupid spray shit from Super Mario Sunshine. IT’S SO USELESS.

My favorite characters to play as, in order: Samus, Pit, Luigi, Meta Knight, Kirby. I hate playing as Link now, I don’t know why. Maybe he lost his glimmer. But I would certainly love to kidnap Toon Link. ❤ Can’t wait for that new Zelda game.

Lol, what else? OH. Castlevania Double Pack. I’m loving Aria of Sorrow so far. I’m already lost in Harmony of Dissonance. Yeah.

I still haven’t beaten the Answer in P3:FES yet. God, it’s so tedious.

Oh, Chrono Trigger for the DS. Lovin’ it, but I can’t play it for more than an hour. I get really bored. But short spurs are the best, m i rite?

Teehee. I might play some P3:FES tonight, if I’m bored enough.

That’s it for now.
Cya soon – probably.


15 Responses to “Len #20 – He’s lost faith in me!”

  1. Gawd, why does everyone overshadow me on posting.


  2. Oh, shush.
    You have like 549789735894375820483057 of them.


  4. WanderingMind Says:

    Meta Knight in Kirby Super Star Ultra is a lot like him in Brawl: he’s ridiculously good.

  5. STILL not done with The Answer? Get with it, dat shit doesn’t take this long to beat.

  6. lul graphics whore

    the PS1’s horribly polygonal graphics are TOO GOOD for you

  7. Holy shit, you’re back? I’ve missed you, dear~

  8. @noi: But it’s just so boring. 😦

  9. @noi: kay, it got beated.

  10. Tenks gets all this attention. Where’s my attention? 😦

    Tenks is hot and he’s cold, he’s yes and he’s no.. he’s in and he’s out (dirty.. :O) he’s up and he’s down.

  11. He’s wrong and he’s right, he’s black when it’s white, we fight we break up, we kiss and make up. 😉


  13. pms’ing like a girl about these random rants of yours

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