Mach #54 – The end is NEYAH.

One more day left of classes, three more finals remain, and only one I care to study for. I’m excited for classes to end. That means I get to sleep in all day and do absolutely nothing on the weekdays… Except the weekends, where I actually gotta work… But that’s not until the end of the month.

While I’m at it, although mentioned previous times in several stream chats, I’d like to officially announce I’ll be on hiatus for the blog for about two weeks. Why? Starting the 15th, I’ll be on a 7-day cruise to Alaska. Almost immediately following that, I’ll be going on a road trip with my family to West Virginia so my cousin, who will be transferring to a University there in 2011, could see the campus there. While we’re at it, we’ll be going up the East Coast just seeing the sights and stuff. So that should be an exciting two weeks. Although, if I’m lucky, I’ll be bringing my laptop with me during both trips. Should any place have access to Wi-Fi (that’s completely in-expensive), I’ll be accessing the Internet from there.

In music news, one of my favorite independant music artists, Renard Klippa, recently had an awesome music deal. I ended up purchasing most of his own discography up to this point, so expect a couple of more Claw Marks with some kick ass music for me to share. Dan should already know the upcoming one. 😉

In gaming news, I’ve finally dropped below 100 games in my backloggery thanks to me finally completing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I mean, it only took me a year and three months to beat a four episode game, but I finally beat it. I must admit though, the last case was pretty fucking awesome. I’m hoping that in the course of this week, I’ll be able to track down Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner before the second game comes out. Regardless though, I do plan to pick up the second one whether or not I find the game… Simply because I want that Raidou plushie. I also want to track down the first Fatal Frame game since it’s the only one I don’t have at this current point in time. I do plan to stream the whole series.

Also, I must get a capture card. Time to bug my parents about a birthday present. :3

I think that about wraps it up for now.

Until then, later~


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  1. leave it to me!


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