Arc #000-The Introduction Arc: Season 2!

New blog, new shit.
Just an introduction post for now.
Name’s Arcadios. Arc, ArCODios, The Lad, etc. but Arc will just do.

If you haven’t read any of my posts by now, you can see that I’m an advice anime watched. An Otaku? No, I don’t consider myself so. A weeaboo? Not unless for humor purposes and that’s within a closed circle of people. I’ll be doing the same thing I did in my old blog which is a weekly post of what recently happened in my so called life. May it be what animu I’ve watched, what vidya I’m playing or whatever I feel like posting about that I see as enjoyable for myself and the readers. Entertainment is the reason for a blog, right? I’ll also be continuing my Animu Review Corner series and the much less appearing Vidya and manga review corner.

Anyway, new kid on the block. So be nice, okay?

EDIT: Well since I’ve already settled in, why not click on those links on the side for a gander at my interests? Boring? I don’t blame ya. Maybe a look see at my 100 Things?
Not Helping? Well fuck. ;_;
Then how about you check out the last original post I made at Board the Platforms? If not then check out the other guy’s interesting stuff….like Zeta’s!


13 Responses to “Arc #000-The Introduction Arc: Season 2!”



  2. Welcome to the crew, yo.

    At the rate things are going, you might just update more than most of us have. I should pick up the slack myself.

  3. Damn right, Noi.

    Welcome to DRE. :3


    I’m glad you’re here. šŸ˜€

    You and I are sum otaku whoresz.

  5. The Lad? I should PROBABLY finish those games some time… I got through the first two, but never finished the third. I wonder if I can find the ISOs again. I don’t have the actual discs anymore… ;_;

    In any case… welcome! :ahoy:

  6. Wait, you already did your 100 things? Hory Clap, I am never going to finish those myself. T__T

  7. I had it done back when I was originally going to join DRE. Just that we had a 100 Thing at BtP. Just that now I updated it. šŸ˜Ž

  8. 19. I love anime.
    20. I love manga.
    21. I love video games.

    I can’t help but think of that horrible Sakura-con Commercial when you put all three of those in the order that you did. XD



  11. WanderingMind Says:

    Hello there.

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