A.R.C.:CLANNAD Another World: Tomoyo Chapter


Alright, OVA time.

This CLANNAD episode was bundled as an extra with the last DVD release of the original School Arcs of the show on July 16, 2008. Instead of having Nagisas a the main heroine it has shifted to focus on Tomoyo Sakagami.

Tomoya, Tomoyo and Sunohara all keep their personalities intact, Unlike in the movie but that was done by a different studio.

This OVA was animated by Kyoani who also did the first season and After Story.

Now for the review.

Animu Review Corner



Tomoya and Tomoyo

Tomoya and Tomoyo

Tomoya and Tomoyo have been going out for a month, spending as much time together in school and at home. Growing closer together as time progressed, they had become lovers.

Tomoyo has finally achieved her goal of becoming the student council president but that is only the beginning. She wants to preserved the sakura trees that are to be cut down since she hold them dear to her after the incident that occurred with her family.

She asks Tomoya to stay with her, to reassure their love. Tomoya says of course but rumors begin to spread. Tomoya is still considered a delinquent and has a infamous reputation around school. Since Tomoyo is always around him and Sunohara, people begin to speak ill of her behind her back.

Knowing this, Tomoya tries to brush it off but the thought remains in his head. The time they’re spending together has been small. Tomoyo has become busy due to all the mettings she has to attend as the student president but they both make an effort to see each other as much as possible despite everything.

The school festival arrives. Tomoyo sneaks away from a meetting and joins up with Tomoya. They sit down and begin to talk about how they both don’t have enough time together. Tomoyo says she’ll only become busier after the festival.

After an attempt at an intimate moment, a student from the council comes to get Tomoyo. After she leaves, he begins to talk to Tomoya. About how he is only weighing her down by being her boyfriend. If he wasn’t with her than she wouldn’t have these rumors looming around her. Tomoya becomes in raged but suddenly realizes how everything he says is true.

What will become of Tomoyo and Tomoya’s relationship?



Usually OVAs have a higher budget than the main series since they’re suppose to be short. Having around from 1 to 3 episodes. The artwork is nothing less than superb. After rewatching it twice, I can tell that they put a lot of effort into each frame since the expressions seem so genuine and the scenery is really detailed. The flow of the animation is done really well.



The music is the same as the series, including the sung track at the end but that’s a good thing since I hold the CLANNAD Soundtrack in high regard. The music comes together with the scene making it a memorable moment especially at the end.

Final Thoughts

At first I wasn’t a big Tomoyo fan. I only began liking her after I had gone through her arc in the game. Then I rewatched the OVA and thought how it might’ve been better done in a two or three episode series. Since this episode kinda cut it to half the arc, it was kinda disappointing.

Personally, I thought the time that lead both Tomoya and Tomoyo together was valuable and would’ve been perfect to animate since there were hardships at the beginning before they ever went out but I guess Kyoani decided that part of the main series in the School Arcs depicted most of it. Regardless, it was still a great OVA.

I give the CLANNAD Tomoyo OVA a 9 outta 10.

After watching this OVA I thought of how unfair it was to make a Tomoyo special but not one for Kyou, me liking Kyou more.. I kinda went around butthurt for a year but now it seems like they finally announced one for Kyou. Coming out around July 1st.

(So damn far away ;_;) You can read about it more here and you can be sure I’ll be reviewing it too.


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