Another review after a long night of gaming and anime watching. This time I’ll be reviewing one of my Top 3 anime which I just finished rewatching a couple of minutes ago so this one may be a bit bias. I’ll also be taking a different approach with this review so bear with me.

CLANNAD started out as a Visual Novel created by Key who’ve also done other famous VNs like Kanon, Air and Little Busters. The Kanon anime being one of my favorites as well. The novel was originally released on April 28 ’04 for the PC but then it also made it’s way to PS2, PSP and Xbox 360. The game falls under the Drama, Fantasy and Romance genres. Currently I’m playing through the VN.

There have always been many carnations of the series. Being made into 3 different mangas, a spin off series featuring one of the main heroines, a movie and an anime. The anime was produced by Kyoani who are famous for making shows like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and even other Key VNs like Kanon and Air.

The VN was too large to fit into one 22 episode series so it was split into two sections. The first being the School Arcs containing 22 episodes with an extra and a separate universe OVA. Airing from October 4th ’07 to March 27th ’08. The second being the After Story also being 22 episodes long and a recap

Animu Review Corner

TOmoya Okazaki, the main lead.

Tomoya Okazaki, the main lead.



Tomoya Okazaki, a young man who is labeled a delinquent in society. He attends high school but skips class more than he shows up. The only academic interest he ever has was playing in the basketball team. His family is only constructed of himself and his father who he has a distant relationship with despite them living in the same house. His mother died in a car accident when he was young. Tomoya makes a constant effort to avoid his father due to a fight they had where he ended up hurting his right arm, leaving it unattended to a point where he could no longer lift it further than his shoulder. Ruining any hope of pursuing a career in basket ball.

One day as he is walking late to class he sees a girl at the bottom of the hill that leads into the school. The girl begins talking to herself, asking:

Nagisa Furukawa, the main female lead.

Nagisa Furukawa, the main female lead.

“Do you like this School? I really, really love it but nothing can stay unchanged. Fun things..happy things…they can’t all possibly stay unchanged. Even so, can you keep on loving this place? ”

Tomoya answers saying: “Just find them. Just find new and happy things. C’mon, let’s get going”

As Tomoya begins to walk the girl follows closely behind him, walking up the hill together.

Later on, Tomoya finds out that the girl’s name is Nagisa Furukawa and she’s trying to reestablish the theater club in their school. Seeing how she doesn’t have much confidence in herself to get her goal achieved, he decided to help her.

The anime can fall under a harem category as well. In it, Tomoya meets various girls, each having strong feelings grow for Tomoya but which one will he choose in the end? Pretty obvious though.



You won’t go watching CLANNAD without claiming some one as your own. A large enough female cast that can sway any person’s heart. This is where a lot of people bring up the “waifu” discussion. How one is better than the other, etc. Loveable characters all around, may they be fragile angels or comedic devils.



The animation is pretty solid throughout the whole show. Each scene sustains it’s usual flow of animation which makes every plot pivotal moment memorable and it being a drama show every moment is crucial. The budget seems high medium budget which most of Kyoani’s serious shows are known for.



The music of this show is really well done. It flows in with the moment making it heart warming or heart breaking. It’s an important part of the show that’s really well presented. The majority of it came from the Visual Novel soundtrack but there were various remixes and different instrument uses for multiple versions of some of the songs. The opening song is really good and the ending is rather cute. Basically a vocal version of Nagisa’s theme. Both the OST and the OP and Ed are worth a download. I’ve already got em on my Zune for a quick listen.

Who will become your waifu?

Who will become your waifu?

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why CLANNAD is one of my Top 3 favorite anime. Each character has a personality and charm you can’t forget. I found myself having an attached feeling to each of them which is pretty rare for me. The romance aspect of this show is was drew me in, me being a sucker for that type of anime. But the whole show isn’t just drama.There are a lot of comedy aspects to it. Most of which are rather humorous.

After Story only extended my love for the series above and beyond so after I’m done rewatching it I’ll also make a review for it. But first I’ll probably rewatch the movie which really didn’t sit well with me the first time I watched it but I’ll give it another go.

I give CLANNAD a 9.5 outta 10.


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