A.R.C.:Hayate no Gotoku!


I intended my first review to be anime related but since I was finished with The World Ends With You I decided just to go ahead with it. Now I’m going to finally make my first anime review. The review is on Hayate no Gotoku!.

Hayate no Gotoku! also known as Hayate The Combat Butler is a romantic comedy and parody shonen manga and anime. The series first started out as a manga that began on May 2004 and is still on going to this day. The show’s first series went on from April 1 2007 until March 30 of 2008 spanning over 52 episodes and 4 seasons. The studio that had animated the first 4 seasons was SynergySP which hasn’t produced many series in the past other than assisting different studios but it finally caught a chance with Hayate.

Animu Review Corner

Hayate Ayasaki, The main character.

Hayate Ayasaki, The main character.



The main character of the show is Hayate Ayasaki, a poor faced 16 year old boy who never has any luck with money. His parents have always been the type to burn money on useless things like schemes to get rich and groundless dreams. This is a problem Hayate has been living with all his life until his parents decide to borrow money from an organization of “very nice people” but they can’t repay their debts so they come up with the idea of giving Hayate the debt of ¥156,804,000 as a Christmas present while they run away.

The group of “very nice people” go to Hayate’s home to take him in as a way to repay the debt but Hayate quickly runs off. Hiding in the city park, he finds a girl who he decided to kidnap and make a ransom in order to pay back the money his parents owe. The girl’s name is Nagi Sanzen’in. She confuses the situation as a love confession from Hayate and thinks nothing else of it. The plan quickly fails as he gives his name as he calls for the ransom. Soon after, Nagi gets kidnapped by another group that need to payoff their own debt. Feeling that he is at fault for putting her in harms way, Hayate quickly chases after them and rescues Nagi but is badly wounded in the process. Nagi quickly takes him to her mansion. Wanting to be with Hayate, Nagi decides to make him her butler.

Due to Nagi’s quick temper, she scolds at Hayate for invading her privacy which makes him leave the mansion. As he walks away, the group of “very nice people” take him away to a harbor where he’ll be sent away on a slave ship. Nagi founds out about Hayate’s debt and goes off to find him. She disguises herself as “Mask The Money” and pays off the debt Hayate owes. Feeling grateful to Nagi, Hayate vows to pay his debt to her by working hard as her butler.



Tragic Hero, anti-social otaku girl with a dose of hikkikomori, smart and wise maid yet oblivious to her own situations, a tsundere, a klutz, a wanna-be-macho boy, the list goes on and on. Hayate has a large cast of characters that can pretty much make any type of situation happen. All of them are likeable and all of them don’t go without at least making some one laugh. Hard these days to find a cast like this. Especially if they try to be humorous.



Nagi Sanzenin, the main heroine.

Nagi Sanzen'in, the main heroine.

SynergySP did a very good job animating the series, staying close to the artwork from the manga. For a show that has 52 episodes, the quality is pretty high. Usually shows that run this long loses their animation quality due to the budget being limited but that wasn’t the case with Hayate.

It keeps the well balanced artwork with vibrant colors and the character keep their detail. Most shows would lessen the work on full land scape shots that leave the characters toward the back but Hayate keeps this to a minimal. There are also eye catches in between commercials that can make for good wallpapers when vectored.



The music for the show was fantastic in my opinion. It has a classy taste to it with it’s wide range of instruments but it also has it’s energetic sounds to make the show more exciting. It was good enough for a download. The animation and feel of the plot along with the music makes this a show that stands out. Without the outstanding music, it wouldn’t feel as right.

Final Thoughts

Hayate no Gotoku! is a lengthy show but it’s the type that makes you want to scream for more. I’d call it unique for turning horrible cliches into enjoyable situations. There’s already a second season on the way and it’s being broadcast on April 4th of this year. This time the animation has been produced by J.C. Staff which is famous for animating shows like Zero no Tsukaima, Shakugan no Shana, Toradora and many others. I was skeptical at first about the switch. I enjoyed most of J.C. Staff’s shows but I really enjoyed SynergySP’s artwork. In order to reintroduce all the characters, the new studio released an OVA. The episode put my fears to rest about the animation but I still prefer the old studio. Who knows? If the studio takes the show for a better turn in a new direction, I might just like it more.

I give Hayate no Gotoku! a 9 out of 10.


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  1. wow!! Hayate the Combat Butler season 2 is so cool!!! I cant bare to watch it every night here in Philippines!! Especially the lovable Nagi and good looking girl Hinagiku!! and i dont forget the coolest man in that anime, HAYATE!!!…

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