Bawww, morning post. I should feel tired but I’m not. Just got done playing some CLANNAD and got nothing else to do so I’ll just make a review. I’ve finished three shows so far that all need reviews so I’ll be taking one down and leave the rest for later. I really shouldn’t be in a hurry…well since only a handful of people actually read my reviews but eh. Nothing to get down about!


Show that I’m review? Maria†Holic is you haven’t guessed it yet. Now for some info.

Originally a manga created by Minari Endo first published on June 27th ’06 and then made into an anime on January 5th ’09 through March 23rd ’09 by Shaft who’ve also animated Pani Poni Dash, Negima!? and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. The only genre I see it falling under is comedy but that’s basically Shaft’s specialty. Now for that review…

Animu Review Corner

Kanoko, the main character.



I’ve said this many times before, Shaft and the literary element known as the plot don’t go hand in hand but the original carnation of this series was a manga which I haven’t read so there can be a difference between the two, story wise. But as far as the anime goes there isn’t much to grasp.

A girl named Kanoko Miyamae is a second year high school student who just recently transferred to Ame no Kisaki, an all girls catholic school. Kanoko has had a bad history with men. Bad enough to the point where she grew a fear of them and even breaks out in hives if a man touches her.

The reason why she transferred was for purpose: To seek out a true love. On the day before her transfer, she comes to the school in order to check out her dormitory room. On her way there, she becomes lost. In her confusion she meets Mariya Shidou, the grandchild of the chairman of the school, a person who’s well known throughout the school for her beauty and kindness. Suddenly Kanoko becomes infatuated with Mariya for her gentleness. After asking about each other and exchanging flirty compliments, Mariya decided to give Kanoko a kiss on her cheek. Kanoko is warped into her own fantasies as she tries to interpret what was the meaning behind Mariya’s actions.

Mariya, the cross dressing boy.

Mariya, the cross dressing boy.

After meeting various girls who Kanoko has taken a liking to, she runs off to find where Mariya is. She hears her voice inside a room and opens the door only to find Mariya’s maid helping her put on a girdle and applying fake breasts into her chest. The shock makes Kanoko speechless. Mariya goes on as if nothing happened but Kanoko becomes frustrated and confronts Mariya.

Mariya shows her true personality as she changes from a gentle person into a sadistic boy. Mariya exposes Kanoko for the closet lesbian that she is. Kanoko quickly backfires saying he’s worse for being a cross dressing boy in an all girls school. Mariya doesn’t see this as a problem and uses his maid to set up a scene where it makes Kanoko look like a criminal rapist who attacked them. If she doesn’t keep his gender a secret, she’ll be expelled from the school. Seeing no way out of it, Kanoko obeys him but Mariya takes it a step forward. Seeing as he doesn’t trust her, he’ll be observing her 24 hours a day. With a boy constantly watching her, how will Kanoko ever find her lover or more importantly how’ll she survive under Mariya’s authority?



Hyped up perverted lesbo, a corss dressing guy that looks cuter and hotter than the rest of the all girl’s school and a sadistic and cute maid. That’s basically all you need for this show. Screw everyone else.



Like I said many times before, Shaft is an excellent animation studio if judging on animation alone. The character designs, animation and backgrounds are all fantastically made. Each episode maintains it’s high quality like the majority of Shaft animations.

Whether it be from a distance or close up. Also different art styles appear here and there in every episode making each one pretty unique in it’s own way. The opening and ending animations are great when it comes to presentation. I hate repeating myself which I do a lot but both of them are pretty unique in their own way separating themselves from most generic openings and endings.



Ending  Opening

Ending > Opening

OP and ED: Great. Download worthy. Rest of the music: Very fitting for the feel of the show. Most of the time you won’t notice it since the monologue is pretty lengthy since it’s usually between Mariya and Kanoko who spit more fire at each other than Mario with a Fire Flower and Bowser.

Honestly, you’ll hardly notice anything else other than the OP and ED.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of elements that make Maria†Holic stand out more than other comedy shows. Like all Shaft productions if you here for the humor and animation then pick this up. The manga is still ongoing so chances for a second season are high since the show seems well received. I’d like more Zetsubou Sensei from Shaft but that’s just me.

I give Maria†Holic an 8 outta 10.


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