M.R.C.:Love Hina


First Manga Review Corner post so I decided to do it on a classic.

Love Hina is a manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu.
It was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from October 21, 1998 to October 31, 2001 and then published into 14 volumes.

Ever since it’s publication Love Hina has been one of the most successful mangas not only in Japan but around the world both commercially and critically
It has been made into a 25 episode anime series by Xebec that aired from April 19, 2000 to September 27, 2000, several OVA specials and two light l novel adaptions.

Manga Review Corner

Keitaro and Naru

Keitaro and Naru


“Did you know if two people who love each other go to Tokyo University, they’ll live happily ever after?”
Keitaro Urashima is a hopeless 19 year old. He has failed to get into his dream university and couldn’t face his family. The only thing he has to cling on to is his promise which he made with a childhood friend when he was younger. They promised they would go Tokyo U together and live happliy ever after. Keitaro decided he would look for his grandmother who owns an Inn. Upon arriving at the Inn, he tries to find her but without any luck. Worn out from his travels, he goes to relax in the open air bath. As he tries to think over all of his misfortunes, a girl wakes in on him. Panicking, he runs out of the bath and tries to flee but runs into many people trying to stop him. Thinking his luck can’t get any worse he runs outside, cornered and caught.

The girls that caught him soon interrogate him, threatening to call the police if he doesn’t answer why he was there. As much as Keitaro tells the truth, they don’t believe him until a familiar face comes by the inn. Keitaro’s aunt tell the girls that he is the owner’s grandson. Now believing his story, they release him. His aunt explains how the inn turned into a girls’ dormitory and asks if he’s in Tokyo U yet. Keitaro tries to say that he hasn’t but then all of the girls are surprised that a person like him can make it to Tokyo U. Unable to explain himself, he can’t do anything but go with their misunderstanding.

Keitaro tries to relax but it seems like every move he makes, angers the girl who walked in on him in the bath, Naru Narusegawa. She constantlywatches him, making sure he doesn’t do anything weird but even she has a change of heart and decided to help him but even then things don’t go well for Keitaro. Things get worse when the girls find out he’s not really a Tokyo U Student. Seeing him as a perverted liar. they kick him out of the house. With no where to go he decides to wonder around town before going back home since he has no other place to go. Keitaro decided to take a picture by himself in a photo booth but Naru follows up with him worrying about him and some what feeling guilty for the way she’s been acting towards him.

Keitaro’s aunt finds Keitaro and gives him a fax from his grandmother. Saying he is now the owner of the dormitory. Not that he’s the one calling the shots,will Keitaro be welcomed with open arms or will the girl’s try to make sure Keitaro dosn’t stay for long and what will become of his promise to his childhood friend to get in Tokyo University?


The artwork is pretty simple in the beginning. It gets into greater detail as it goes on but still maintains it’s simply character design and structure. The massive difference between drawing manga and animating actual drawings is that the animation actually costs a lot of money while manga only costs ink.


Didn’t know what else to put as a category for a review but leaving it at just Plot and artwork isn’t good enough so I’ll go into characters.
In love Hina there are a handful of characters that are introduced at first but the cast only gets bigger as the plot advances. You’ve got Keitaro Urashima who’s a loser without any luck. Naru Narusegawa, a beauty with brains but a short temper when it comes to Keitaro. Motoko Aoyama, a swordwoman who’s femininity is her lowest concern. She constantly threatens Keitaro to behave himself but how long will it be before the tables turn?

Mitsune “Kitsune” Konno, a outgoing girl that likes to live the sinful life of drinking and gambling to her hearts content. Shinobu Maehara, a shy girl who can’t seem to over come her timid personality to get what she wants. Kaolla Su, an energetic girl who follows her stomach rather than her brain. Her fun attitude seems to get everyone else into trouble. Mutsumi Otohime, a carefree yet weak girl that can’t seem to take care of herself without needing some body else’s help. She seems to have the same interests as Keitaro. Maybe she’s a better match for him rather than his promise girl?

Choose a girl. Just make sure you can handle her.

Choose a girl. Just make sure you can handle her.

Final Thoughts

Love Hina is a manga anybody can like. It’s wide antics can put a laugh on anybodies face and it’s romance can get any read to want more. One thing I didn’t like is that sometimes the comedy aspect reared it’s head into a series situation on more than one occasion making it somewhat tiresome since it’s repetitiveness is pretty high. Other than that, It’s a pretty great manga. It’s colorful characters are hard to forget. Worth it’s critical acclaim and large fanbase.

I give Love Hina a 9 outta 10.


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  1. The Love Hina anime was the first anime series I ever finished. I have a special place in my heart reserved for it. ❤

    Also, that final image is full of so much deliciousness. :3

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