Spectro #10 – Venting

I really need to vent. You ever have a good day and then at the end of the day some kind of bomb was dropped on you? Yeah, that’s what happened to me today. I received a text a hour or two ago and it totally ruined my mood. It’s not like someone died, though. It’s ridiculously simplistic. I don’t really want to go into details. Although it is simple, it’s still personal. I also feel out of place complaining about it here. Derkomach said I can talk about real life stuff on here, but it’s still a gaming blog, and not my blog to whine on. I guess I’m just really lonely and wish I had someone to talk to right now. Y’know.. I think I should start a journal. In fact, I created a livejournal account a while back and never used it. I’m going to use it now. It’s not going to be a blog, it’s going to be my own personal journal. I seriously do need somewhere to write down my thoughts.

Maybe I should talk just a little bit about gaming, hmm? I’ve gotten really far in Persona 3 FES. Half way through, perhaps? A little more, even.. I think. I’m in October, I believe. I’m pissed about a certain character’s death. That’s not a spoiler, is it? I mean, someone dies in every game. 😛 Now, I really liked this character. It’s also this other character’s fault, I believe. I no longer want to use said character in combat just because I hate their guts. 😡

Somehow, my PS3 managed to delete all my PS2 saved games. I think I did it accidently when I was messing around with the save manager thing when I wanted to save Persona 3. I guess I didn’t have that much PS2 data, though. I had almost beaten God of War II and I played a bit of Katamari Damacy.. but other than that, nah. I’m not too upset about that. I just won’t mess with that manager anymore. It’s weird, though. I created a second virtual PS2 memory card, and it read as 7000/7000 KB (or something like that. Might even be MB). I don’t know… I’m rambling.

My friend is building me a new PC. This one is just.. trash. I  can barely run WoW anymore. I payed for the parts and it was barely over $500. It’s going to be a beast, too. Crysis, here I come. Since this PC is going to get shafted until I feel like messing with it again, I decided to reformat my hard drive and install Ubuntu on it. I’ve always wanted to try Linux out, but I guess I always thought it would be too difficult. Well.. let me say that Ubuntu is hands down the best OS I’ve ever used. It has one MAJOR flaw, though. It can’t run Windows games! Being a gamer, this is basically a deal breaker for me. I was going to start using Ubuntu instead of Windows, but I’d have to run all my games through a program called Wine, which is basically a Windows emulator. As you know with emulators: they don’t always work correctly! I guess I’m considering dual-booting my new PC with Windows XP and Ubuntu. I’ll mess around with Ubuntu on here some more before I decide, though, even though I’m really liking it.

I know this post is long. I know this post is boring. I enjoy writing, but let’s face it: I am a shitty writer. This would explain why my posts (even if they are extremely rare!) get a very low amount of views and comments. Sorry if I took the spotlight from Arcadios. Wait, why the hell is he here anyway? lol. Also, sorry if the grammar, formatting, or just this post in general sucks. Maybe I should just stick to private livejournal from now on. No one reads this shit, anyway. /emo


7 Responses to “Spectro #10 – Venting”

  1. We need more people to pick up the slack. 😎
    Also, I hope you get through this dilemma. ;_;

  2. Hey, I read your post! But to be honest I feel the same whenever I post, that nobody cares about the junk I write hahaha…/wristed

    Anyways, it’s so terrible to get something at the end of a supposedly good day that just ends up ruining one’s week. At least you will have a shiny new PC (ideally with both XP and Ubuntu) on it?! Hoorah for games working properly I guess. D:

    Good luck with Persona 3…I recommend NOT playing through The Answer if you want to keep your sanity.

    • wtf, wordpress. Screwed up my comment!

      arc, srsly.. why are you here? Hopping the border from Board the Platforms?

      and kibou, yes, I’m going to do the Answer. I can’t leave it incomplete. >_<

      • I hope that pun on border hopping was intentional.
        And the reason I’m here is because I had a fall out at the other blog.
        I sought refuge and found myself being accepted here.
        Hope you don’t mind. ;A;

      • Nah, of course not. Welcome to DRE.

  3. I like reading your posts, lol.

    Sometimes you think way too little of yourself, Spec. You’re a really good person, don’t let others bring you down.

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