Arc #001-The Filler Arc R2: The Beginning of Days

Yos! What’s good?

Nothing but crap on my side. Crap job. crap life style…crap everything. First the shitty job. If you don’t know already I work as a waiter for this catering business. My co-workers are pretty crappy workers…kids who don’t wanna do much. You can’t sit done unless you take a break which only last like 5 minutes. You gotta balance glasses full of water, plates and other “waitering” stuff but after the part is worse. Most parties don’t end until midnight and then you gotta set up for the next party the following day. Meaning picking up tables, chairs, fold napkins, get plates, tea cups, etc. So much crap. Pretty tiring. Now, I get paid 10 bucks an hour. Work is 8 hours average. Sometimes certain people do double shifts meaning around 13 or 14 consecutive hours. Not being able to sit for more than 5 mins and constantly standing…is pretty tiring.

I did a double shift yesterday of 13 home. Was so freakin’ tired. Then I had to wake up today and go straight back to work. Kinda bad thing to do when you can’t even extend your legs straight enough to stand without slouching. But whatever. I did 30 hours this past week so amounting to $300 which’ll go down to like $260. Fucking state taxes. To simply put it, I hate my job. Not worth this crap money.

But enough negativity…especially since it’s the beginning of the post. How about some nice stuff?

This’ll contain the usual. Animu, vidya and some (or a lot of) pics but along with some music..real music….no animu insert songs.

Animu:  I started watching Sailor Moon since it was a part of my childhood and I never got to fully watch it. So now I have all…200 episodes in my hard drive and I’m about up to 14 in the first season. Go me.
I was also able to get my hands on all the Geass first season Blu-ray rips with subs. I’ll be rewatching it again some time soon and then review.

Hayate! More Hina goodness. Some Ayumu and even less Nagi. The plot between Hayate and Hina is progressing well. They’re understanding and liking each other a lot now but…I sense it’s destined for doom. ;_;

Another show I’m watching is Chrome Shelled Regios. Pretty awwwight. Good action, interesting story and nice characters.
Eden’s progressed a good amount in terms of character moralities. Akira’s working on finding more about his past and about the game he’s been put in but also has been trying to find a way to win the so called game where only the victor has the right to live. Not many visuals this episode. The backgrounds didn’t stand out to me like the past episodes have but a lot on character animation.

Fan service animu, Hatsukoi Unlimited. A lot of TITS this past episode. The show itself is pretty…eh. Each episode you have a diffrent boy or girl talking about their first love as it happens. Meh…cliches. Each one is basically telling us how first loves are doomed to end horrible. But did I mention the tits?

Now…how about some death by moe?

Still alive? Shit. Thought I’d be done by now if I’d off’d you guys.

Now for the Vidya. More work..less Gears! D: But I did start playing Yoshi’s Island for SNES…for a night. Was gonna do it along side Sobou but I was too lazy to start. Now all I need to do is continue playing it. I also decided to say fuck the 360 version of Team Fortress 2 and decided to just buy it for PC. Made a Steam account and bought it for 20 bucks. I’m still fiddling with the video quality to see which runs the smoothiest and most efficient with a nice balance of graphics. Then I’ll start actually enjoying the game itself.

Music? Bought two new albums. Got The Roots’ Phrenology and AC/DC’s Back in Black. If you know anything about me, you’d know I listen to Hip Hop so buying a rock album would be..pretty out there. Why did I? I’ve decided I wanted to pick up a…”healthy” hobby instead of gaming or watching animu.

Maybe something socially acceptable? I’m overrating it of course but that isn’t my true intention. Been wanting to play an instrument so I decided on guitar told myself what right do I have in purchasing a guitar if I don’t even listen to it’s major genre? So I’m gonna buy more classic rock albums and present ones. Guns N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, some Led Zeppelin and some Machine Supremacy and Dream Theater.

If you think I’ve doing it because of K-On you’d be wrong…kinda. Just wanted to do something new. 19 Years old and not much to my name…if it’s worth anything. But turntables would be more “me” with my music preferences and all but I don’t think they’re considered an instrument. I might pick up some turntables further along the line since I’ve been wanting to DJ for the longest time. Gonna go to a local instrument store tomorrow to just browse around. No rush in buying anything at the moment.

Now how about a song I liked from The Roots’ Album? Dunno if you’d like it since a lot of people can’t tolerate rap at DRE for reasonable reasons but eh, why not? Couldn’t find a good quality one except this with some old school break dancers.

That about raps up my past week. Tune in next time for the stunning follow up!

New episode every Sunday!

Times may vary.


11 Responses to “Arc #001-The Filler Arc R2: The Beginning of Days”

  1. just having hatsukoi u on there make me hpy


  3. Old skool, eh?

    Tag Team back again check it top, wreck it – let’s begin. Party people let me hear some noise. DC’s in the house jump jump and rejoice. There’s a party over here, a party over there. Wave your hands in the air, shake the deriere. These three words mean you’re gettin’ busyyyy: WHOOMP THERE IT IS. WHOOMP THERE IT IS.

    Also: Guitar, eh? I’d have suggested something a little more unique, but I hope you enjoy nevertheless. Would’ve been groovy to hear some fat chelo tunes coming from ya.

  4. WanderingMind Says:


    I watched the first episode of Sengoku Basara yesterday. Aside from all the hot-blooded action, it was meh.

    • Noi made me watch the first episode. Was alright. But I got lazy and never got to following it.

      • WanderingMind Says:

        I have better shows to watch, like Eden of the East. I learned my lesson from Trinity Blood when I tried to force myself to finish a show I really didn’t like.

  5. I have own a guitar but I don’t like to play it so I keep it in its bag and never touch it again since 5 years ago.

  6. ah, forgot to tell you arc
    new blog with a plethora of backloggery ppl

    it’d be awesome if you could guest post once in a while
    … and we kind of ripped the them off of you guys

  7. guitar sucks. I suggest Piano.

    • I have a piano. Even I want to play it but my motivation gone when I find it difficulty. No no, I didn’t leave it dust like my guitar. My sister is playing it everyday so I’m kind of using her to play somethings like game or anime pieces sometimes instead.

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