Arc #002-The Filler Arc R2: The House of Ruins

Yos! What’s Good?

Been easy for me this past week. Only worked 2 days of the week and they were easy sweet 16 with a lot of womenz. So I had the other 5 days to just chill and relax.

Most of that time went toward playing Gears (of Course) and watching the first Sailor Moon series which I’m two episodes away form finishing.

Just trying to find a good amount of time where I can finish them and make a review right after I’m done since I get  if I put it off and not do it immediately when I’m done with the show. I still gotta do Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu. :<

New animu for this week. It seems like I never get to talk about Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood since the group I get subs from it release later on in the day when I post earlier in the day, the day being Sunday. Maybe I should just wait…or edit the post to feature a section for it. Yea, I’ll do that.

New Regios came out today. Seems like there’s a really big Layfon x Nina drive going on while Felli’s all ;_;. And now another person will be included into Fonfon’s growing harem. Lucky fuck.

Some romanticu~ progress happened in Hatsukoi Limited between Kappa Face and Miss “Looks are everything”.

Plus some nice Christmas fan service.

Now Hayate. Looks like Isumi’s fan service shot up a bit. The episode portrayed that specific chapter in the manga pretty damn well with some…added scenes. :winky:

Fan servisu~

Eden of the East progress! Fucking tripping balls the last couple of seconds of that episode. It was a really good episode this week. A lot of sexual tension between the 2 Selecao players. Of course, the background visuals are as pleasing as ever.

Can’t forget the weekly moe! K-On was pretty d’aww this week. Especially this:

Seems like the recruiting of new members wasn’t a complete failure. Introducing the newest flat chest twin tail girl, Azusa Nanako:

Manga? I got the second volume of Zetsubou Sensei and the latest Negima but I haven’t gotten to reading them yet since I’ve been reading Higurashi. Pretty awwwight so far. Love the artwork.

Vidya? Decided not to play Gears this weekend due to this gay “old school” weekend. Played for a couple of matches and it felt awkward. Plus I took damage like a bitch. It ends on the 26th so no Gears till then. Now Brawl! Been looking for any A CHALLENGER APPEARS on Backlog for some one on one. So far I got to play 3 people but one new, really. Two of them were my old forum buds, Zyzex and Linko 16. I bested Linko pretty well but got my ass handed to me by Zyzex. :< The new guy, LordLocke, I played last night/this morning. HE was pretty tricky but after a while I got the flow of his characters and was able to beat him with all of my good guys.

If ya ever wanna have little duel  just hit me up!

And now a completely new section to my posts so far only for this limited time only!

Gamer Rigs…this case, my whole room. So welcome to my fortress of solitude.

Look girls! Guests! (;゚Д゚)

So that’s about it for my room. It’s pretty much the same except the addition of my couch compared to the last time I made a rig thread which was back at BtP.

Now get out.

Now get out.


9 Responses to “Arc #002-The Filler Arc R2: The House of Ruins”

  1. Nice setup.

    The only two figures I have in my room are two MGS4 figures I found at an FYE last year. I also have an Asuka and Rei wallscroll which I have yet to set up.


  3. Damn son, clean your god damn room up.
    And liking the music. Here I stand is one of my favorites.

  4. Nice room, nice desktop. I’m jealous of your look-comfortable bed.

  5. I need to use the term “Fortress of Solitude” more often.

  6. COOL! I see Higurashi manga and the same Logitech speakers I have. Nice bass from that thing \o/ Awesome monitor too. 1080?!

  7. Yea, 1080p. I play 360 on it to through HDMI.

  8. Just noticed you have the same couch as me.
    It’s awesome.

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