A.R.C.:Sailor Moon

Back in ’95, shit was booming.

I was being introduced to anime. Now when you think about a childhood anime if you were born in the early 90’s, we all kinda have the same title in our minds. Dragon Ball Z.

Shit, I mean, if you were a guy and you didn’t know about DBZ, you were a loser. What do boys like? Macho fights, fuck yeah. Despite how shallow they may be and DBZ delivered. So what could America get their grimy fat sausage finger hands on to show love to the girls? Well, why not something with pretty girls who can show those sexist who’s boss? So Sailor Moon came up in their heads. DIC got licensing right and dubbed it.

Back then, I could hardly form an opinion other than “I like it” and “I don’t like it” and I didn’t even know what other countries there were out there but whatever. If I grew up with it, most likely I’ll like the dub compared to the original. Pretty Much DBZ Dub > Jap VAs but this time I decided to roll with the Japanese voice actors.

Sailor Moon started as a mini series that featured one of the Sailor warriors, Sailor Venus. The mini series name was Codename: Sailor V which ran from 1991 to 1997 created by Naoko Takeuchi. She then moved on to do the Sailor Moon manga which started February 1992 and finished in March 1997. An anime was quickly made right after the first month of release.

Running from March 7, 1992 to February 8, 1997, spanning over 5 different series and 200 episodes.

But in this review I’ll be talking about the original Sailor Moon anime.

Animu Review Corner



Usagi / Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino is your average 14 year old 8th grader. She’s a bit of a cry baby and is probably the most clumsy girl you’d ever meet. She’s constantly late to school because she over sleeps, dozes off during class and has low markings on her tests so her grades are low but besides those negatives, she lives a happy life. Until one morning while she’s running to school, she sees a group of little kids bullying around a cat. Usagi tells the kids off and helps the cat by removing a band aid that covered her forehead. Revealing a crescent moon symbol. Usagi soon loses her sense of time and runs off to school once again. That wouldn’t be the last time she saw that cat.

Usagi arrives home from a long day at school. She lays on her bed exhausted until her window is quickly shut by the wind. Usagi finds the cat with the crescent moon she helped in her bedroom. The cat begins to speak to Usagi. She presents herself as Luna and says that she’s been looking for her. Luna present Usagi with a gift. Saying Usagi is a chosen warrior that must protect the city from an evil threat and her mission is to find the princess with the other warriors. At first Usagi treats it as a joke but she quickly learns that everything Luna was saying is true.Usagi transformers into Sailor Moon with her attire completely changed. Usagi quickly realizes that there are monsters working for the evil organization and knows she must stop them from hurting innocent people.

Along her journey, she meets new people that reveal themselves as fellow Sailor warriors and become Usagi’s comrades in the fight to stop the evil called The Dark Kingdom.

The plot for Sailor Moon is pretty old fashion. They meet a new person, they realize that the person is tied to the bad guys’ evil plot but by then it’s too late but after a fight, all is right with the world until the baddies run away to plot for another day. They did this for the majority of the series when they could’ve done without it. Could’ve been easily cut down to 25 episodes if they kept it directly plot advancement but alas, it’s good the way it is.

The Sailor Warriors



The cast of Sailor Moon only grows as it continues on. Each episode you’ll meet the minor character for that single session of the show but then you’ll have the occasional permanent member to the roster most likely them being a Sailor Warrior or an enemy. Within the group of the main 5 characters, you’ll definitely find the one you’ll like the most. Whether it be Usagi, the not so smart clumsy cry baby, the intelligent Ami who’s smarts save everyone from trouble, the fiery tempered Rei who spits more fire at Usagi than anyone else, the strong yet feminine Makoto who always seems to fall in love with a boy or the graceful and delicate Minako who isn’t afraid to enjoy herself. There’s a person for everyone and the cast only gets bigger as it expands to different series’.



The artwork is pretty great all through out the season. On the minor episodes, they get lazy but it really needs to be, the artwork becomes intense. Same with he animation, it has it’s ups and downs. Some recycled stuff but some exceptions like the transformation intros. Especially towards the end, the art becomes even more vivid and strong.



The music isn’t extravagant but it is above average. Especially with it’s trademark introduction song that’s used through the series as an instrumental during emotional scenes. The rest of the show, it’s the usual fight theme, fright theme, comedy music and which ever fits the mood. Nice tunes to match the show. Not too much and not too little.

Final Thoughts

Sailor Moon is considered a classic in both anime and manga. I can only speak for the anime but I mostly agree with it. It’s not one of the best but it is a classic in it’s own way. Plus it’s pretty damn length counting all 200 episodes but I’ll be reviewing each separate season as I go by each of them instead of one giant massive clusterfuck review.

I give Sailor Moon an 8 outta 10.


3 Responses to “A.R.C.:Sailor Moon”

  1. Sailor Moon is definitely too shoujo for me, but I do enjoy harem/ecchi series like girls bravo and ichigo 100%

  2. Sailor Moon is rojhbp5oeiarksf[plkgtw-[rnkdrb[EKAGvjbks;nu[jmvolbnarezdio jnb.

  3. Hi! I used to watch Sailor Moon back in 1995 when I was in Kindergarden. I loved it! I recently looked up all the english dub episodes from the first two seasons (that’s all I saw as a kid because we didn’t get YTV) and watched them all over again! I agree that Sailor Moon is full of awsome girl power!

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