Noi #10 – Vacation’s all I ever wanted.

Testing out the new theme here.  Looks awesome, though using the skit faces as they currently are might be a little too big, so I’m down scaling it to 60% for this one. Letting Len do the honors. I never got to use this portrait anyway, so might as well.

Anyway, since a week ago, I’ve been enjoying the liberties and wonders of not having anymore college work. The last few weeks were hectic and I might just fail a class, but eh, what can you do. At least now I have more time to play games and actually watch anime, which is something I haven’t done much as of late.

In gaming news, I still haven’t even come close to playing Devil Summoner 2. Doesn’t help that I need to be in the mood to play RPGs in general, so I don’t think I’ll be playing that in a while. I did manage to nab Onimusha: Warlords and Onimusha Blade Warriors for about 5 bux each, so at least I got that to keep me entertained as well as my other 65 unfinished games orz.

Let’s talk marathons though. As of my last post, where I was lamenting my poor luck, I managed to buy another RetroDuo at the cost of my soul, so now I’ll be able to play Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI in their original forms, which pleases me greatly. It’ll be a while before I reach V, so the matter of skipping it or not will take a while before I really need to worry about it.

Animu! Gotta love this season, and with the unveiling of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S2, things only got better. There’s a lot of good things to watch, like Eden of the East, K-On!, Sengoku BASARA and Valkyria Chronicles, which might prompt me to make my own anime updates rather than leaving that job entirely to Arc. I just finished watching Great Teacher Onizuka today though, and wow. For such a classic, I don’t know why I didn’t bother to see it before. If you haven’t seen GTO before, then I’ve taken the liberty of making a little chart for you.

Pick one or two of the following facts:

  • You are male.
  • You are vaguely interested in anime.
  • You are a wuss.

If you picked either the first two, you will love GTO. If you picked the first two combined, then you MUST see GTO. If any of your choices involved the third choice, then I feel sorry for you, but you still have to see GTO.

Anyway, that’ll wrap up this here rant, if you can call it one. Hopefully it won’t take me months before I write up another one.


6 Responses to “Noi #10 – Vacation’s all I ever wanted.”

  1. I was supposed to make the first post, you fag.

    Oh well.

    GTO anime got boran’ towards the end.

    • This fag was one step ahead of ya, darling.

      Gotta admit that the end wasn’t as good as the beginning, but at least it ends on a good note.

  2. Not really, considering I did all that shit wanting to make the first post. -_- But I’m not gonna be a blog nazi.

    The theme’s not exactly done yet, though. It’s going to be dark red and yellow.

  3. Didn’t have to undo! Oh well. 😐

    BTW, reading it again, 65 UNFINISHEDES IS NOTHING COMPARED TO 200. 😦

  4. I tried watching Sengoku Basara. It was okay, but I didn’t like it enough to continue watching after the first episode.

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