Len #25 – Bring on the new era.

Yeah, sizing it down is better.

Anyway, welcome to the official version 3 of Disc Read Error: Insert Disc 2. I must say, this has become bigger than I first imagined it would be. A big thanks to Linkman for helping us out with the theme! Arranging the layout and colors and such. And Arc, too!~ Mah bro’s got some good taste.

Anyway, I just came back from a party, so I’m tired as hell. It was really fun, although I got really tired towards the end.. and.. confused. o_o

Maybe I should have let Arc handle introducing the new theme because I’m TIRED and don’t have much to say. Urghghg.

I still have to beat Chrono Trigger.

This is not much of a rant, someone PUSH IT DOWN. I’m going to attach a video and lay down, I’M TIIIRED.

I can’t wait to leave.


2 Responses to “Len #25 – Bring on the new era.”

  1. What the fuck did I just watch? D:

  2. Okay, all should be good now. Any problems, just let me know. Or let Arc know and he’ll let me know.

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