The Annoucement Arc

Well since everyone is waiting on me to do the theme introduction (for some reason, idk) I guess I’ll make it now.

I’ve been hearing about a new theme for quite some time now. Longer than months from when Dan was still here. I kept hearing that Mach wanted to as well but couldn’t do to other IRL events that keep poping up. So Len and I finally pushed forward with the plans for a new theme (Mostly because I didn’t want it to be P4ever) and came up with either a Guilty Gear or a Street Fighter theme. You can guess which one we went with. Like Len said, most of this couldn’t be done with Linkman for the layout work. (Thanks, Chris. We all owe ya one.) And another big thanks to Len himself for all the work on the delicious banner and sprites you’ll all be seeing from now on. A lot of choices so it won’t get boring easily.


5 Responses to “The Annoucement Arc”

  1. +10 for Linkman! +10 for Arc! +10 for Len!

  2. I really like it. The colours mesh well. :3

  3. worlddude Says:

    I’m loving the new theme. Great job! 😀

  4. Loving it, you must make me one.

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