Noi #11 – Noi’s Final Fantasy Marathon: The Details

So let’s talk marathons. Two days from now, I’ll be starting my extensive Final Fantasy marathon, during which I’ll play all of the core Final Fantasy titles, stream most of them, and maybe even go for a spin-off title or two, all for the eventual release of Final Fantasy XIII come next year. People can join me in this quest whether they just want to beat the games, complete them, or try a more daring Master run.

As of this writing, there are 34 people taking part of the marathon, myself included. To join the marathon, all you really need to do is just play two or more Final Fantasy titles in a row, since that alone qualifies as a “marathon”. I’ll be covering the games I’ll be playing here, as well as mention some other potential titles I might just play for the heck of it.

On a side note, I’ll be hosting some opening ceremonies for the marathon on my channel, so participants might want to show up for the celebration.

Games I’ll play and stream online –

Final Fantasy

The one that started it all.

Game version: NES / PS1 (Final Fantasy Origins) if something goes wrong.

Goal: Beat the game.

Really looking forward to this one. For now, I think that I’ll go with the default Fighter / Black Mage/ White Mage / Thief party, mostly because I’ve never been a big Red Mage fan, and the Thief, while giving a boost to emergency escape situations, is also less expensive to equip (while Red Mage is almost if not more expensive than Fighter, since he needs Weapons, Armor AND Spells).

Final Fantasy II

The one that might as well be a SaGa title.
The one that might as well be a SaGa title.

Game Version: PS1 (Final Fantasy Origins)

Goal: Beat the game.

This I’m not so looking forward to. I’ve had prior experience with Final Fantasy II through the Dawn of Souls port on the GBA, and while it entertained me for a while, I quickly got bored and stop playing it entirely. Never beaten it before, so I need to man up and do just that.

Final Fantasy IV

The one with the spoony bard.
The one with the spoony bard.

Game Version: SNES

Goal: Beat the Game.

While I’ve played and beaten the PS1 and GBA ports and the NDS remake of FFIV, I’ve never played the original title in all of it’s censored and easytype glory. This’ll change just that, as well as convince me to not come near it again.

Final Fantasy VI

The one with the undefined main character.
The one with the undefined main character.

Game Version: SNES

Goal: Beat the game.

Another Final Fantasy title that I’ve never beaten, though I’m much more looking forward to this one than FFII. The farthest I remember reaching is after getting Setzer’s airship.

Final Fantasy VII

The one were people mosey.
The one were people mosey.

Game Version: PS1

Goal: Master Run – Beat the game without using any materia.

Not much to say about this one, except that the Master Run seems entertaining enough. People have seen this game too many times to count, so throwing an extra challenge into the mix seems suitable.

Final Fantasy VIII

The one with... whatever.
The one with the unpractical weaponry.

Game Version: PS1

Goal: Beat the game.


Final Fantasy IX

The one with
The one with the fake final boss.

Game Version: PS1

Goal: Beat the game.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to replay this for a very long time, so this is it. I don’t remember enough about it, and that’s bad.

Final Fantasy X

The one with the HAHAHAHAHA.
The one with the HAHAHAHAHA.

Goal: Beat the game.

Playing it for the sake of the marathon, cause otherwise, I’m not really motivated. It might just make me want to get X-2 anyway.

Final Fantasy X-2

The one with the barbie dress-up.
The one with the barbie dress-up.

Once again, I’ve beaten the game before, but sold it eventually. I might pick it up again after replaying X, just for the sake of continuity.

Bought today. Joke’s on me, I guess.

Final Fantasy XII

The one with the misplaced main character.
The one with the misplaced main character.

Goal: Beat the game on stream, Complete off-stream.

I’ll be streaming the game from start to finish while on stream, but at the same time I’ll be playing my already beaten save file to complete it, since I’ll end up doing things that are otherwise completely boring.

Final Fantasy XIII

The one that isnt out yet.
The one that isn’t out yet.

Game Version: PS3

Goal: Beat the game.

The whole point of the marathon is to play the games before this comes out, so it’ll be a shame if I don’t stream this once it does come out.

Games I’ll play, but won’t stream –

Final Fantasy III

The one that never came out stateside.
The one that never came out stateside.

I’m not streaming the game cause there only legit US version of the game is the DS version, and those aren’t streamable. While I currently don’t own the game, I’ll be getting a copy at one point and re-beating it, since I’ve already beaten it before.

Final Fantasy V

The one with the harem.
The one with the harem.

Game Version: GBA

Goal: Beat the game.

I already own the game, and have played a fair bit of it, so I’ll just play through what I haven’t done.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

The one with the god blaming.
The one with the god blaming.

Game Version: PSP

Goal: Beat the game.

While I’ve beaten the original game, I haven’t even touched the PSP remake, so I need to get on this. Might go for the extra characters, if no one dies along the way.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

The one with no battle system at all.
The one with no battle system at all.

While I’ve already completed the game, there’s some DLC that I actually haven’t bought, so I might download that and clear it for true completion.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

The one with the best VII character.
The one with the best VII character.

Goal: Complete the game.

I’ve done enough in the game, but I haven’t quite gotten to completion yet. I blame Minerva.

Games I might get for the Marathon –

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

The one that doesnt belong.
The one that doesn’t belong.

I’ve been bugged enough about this, so I might actually get this and play it for the first time on stream. Might not if it’s too expensive though, so don’t get your hopes up.

Final Fantasy XI

The one not everyone can afford.
The one not everyone can afford.

While I did plan on playing this before, circumstances forced me to drop the plan. But my motivation to play every core Final Fantasy title might motivate me further to play it…

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

The one with the... eh, Ive got nothing for this one.
The one with the… eh, I’ve got nothing for this one.

Another game I’ve beaten before and sold. Why would I pick it before? I dunno, maybe if I have a spare 20 bux or something, and even those would probably go to something better.

And that’s about it. I might update this post later, but for now, those are all my details for the marathon.

Remember, anyone can join in after the marathon starts, but the sooner you join, the better. Happy gaming!


7 Responses to “Noi #11 – Noi’s Final Fantasy Marathon: The Details”

  1. It’s gonna take me forever to beat all these. D:

  2. I was actually considering doing something like this as well… Maybe I will. There’s one problem though, My brother sold FFX on me a while back, and I haven’t been able to find a copy since. I’ve been thinking about getting the International version and a swapdisc or something, but as far as I know, softmods don’t work on the newest PS2 model, which I apparently have. D: The old one died on me.

    Also, I have to look into to see HOW to stream. D:

  3. I love X and X-2. I don’t get the whole “oh it’s a dress up game”. The battle system for X-2 is amazing. Dresspheres are essentially just different classes. The girls are hot and the story is good. It’s not much different than any other JRPG story. She just wants to find her damn love. How is that so much different? Also, it’s got great new characters and the faction thing is awesome. It’s at the very least a 7/10 game and whoever says different is fooling themselves. Now VIII and X are excellent and apparently underrated among the Backloggery crowd. I’m tired of the bashing. All three are great games and they are part of the Final Fantasy family. In fact, X and VIII are liked more than VII in Japan.


    Maybe I should’ve posted a blog post about this. haha

  4. worlddude Says:

    Sounds like a pretty epic marathon, more so than I thought it would be. I look forward to seeing the streams!

  5. What Spec said. >_>

    I actually FOUND a copy of FFX at EB today. It was used and doesn’t have the manual or original game case, but oh well.

    …Maybe I’ll arrange my own marathon of sorts. Maybe.

  6. I bought FFIV Advance 2 years ago, haven’t taken the game out the box yet. I’ve played the SNES and PS1 version, but didn’t get far in either of them. I hope the GBA version isn’t bad as some people say it is, so I’ll find out for myself when I get around to playing it.

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