Sousuke #15 – Public Service Announcement! [Update!]

I’m sticking this in the Announcement section, because it’s… well, more of an announcement than a rant. A rant WILL be coming soon though, I hope.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time of Tales of Vesperia the past few days. I’ve racked in over twenty hours since Wednesday.  Plus other things, too. So I WILL get around to that, hopefully early next week.

What I AM here to talk about though is… A few years back, a friend and I had a radio show called Hot Like Wasabi. Playing anything from games, anime, remixes… Anything Japanese, basically. Due to stuff like moving out of town and such, we had to stop, but…!

Tomorrow [Saturday, that is], we’re making a return! We’re broadening our horizons a little, but we’ve still got a fair amount of Japanese stuff set up for our first show.

So, what I’d like to ask of you guys is this: give us some listeners! The radio station is streamed online, so if you’re around your PC from 4-6pm EST on Saturdays, tune in and listen to us! Hot Like Wasabi: NPC [Never Playing Crap!] is making its return tomorrow!

hlwlink[Just click here, or save it to your library. I’ve tested in Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Winamp, but other players should work too.]

[Update!] It seems that not only can you STREAM the show live, but there’s also an online archive available now! After we got home after the show, we were able to go and download it immediately and give it a listen to see how it went. If you miss a show and want to listen, just head over here, choose a Saturday [starting May 30th], with a start time of 4pm and lasting 2 hours. The server is incredibly fast, and the file for our first show only came out to be about 55mb. Sweet!


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