Arc #003-The Filler Arc R2: The Boredom of Arcadios

Another week, another Filler Arc episode. A bit delayed but better than never!

But this week seemed like a dry one. Nothing happened in my personal life…well except for me being sick with…some kind of virus but it passed. Had a fever, on going mucus, my eyes were strained and hurt, headaches and a whole bunch of crap. Not good but it did pass. Only worked two days this week, yesterday being in the morning from 11AM to 6PM. A lot earlier than my usual shifts but I was too tired to post yesterday so mai bad. ;_;

DRE wise, I’m loving the new theme. Hope you guys don’t mind my part. ;A;
One thing I don’t like is how the space for the posts has gotten just a tiny bit thinner. I gotta bump down my pictures from 80% after a resize to 70%, you guys might not notice though. ;A;

Animu tiem!

I’ve decided to try to limit my number of screenshots per show by three. Don’t wanna ruin it for those who haven’t watched it yet.

K-On! Not the introduction of a new character but she had the spotlight on this one. Azusa or Azu-nyan as Yui likes to call her.

I’m gonna have to break the new rule for a bit every time when it comes to Hayate though. They cover around 2, 3 or even 4 chapters per episode so I’ll screenshot every chapter if they’re unrelated to each other. These weren’t related so more pics for the hell of it! Seems like the Sister(Real name: Sonia Shaflnarz) from the underground episode awhile ago has taken a liking to Wataru-Kun but she’s a bit uneasy with it herself. Thinking how a nun who is 19 years old can like a boy who is only 13. Well we can all try to imagine how things go when she confronts her feelings.

In the second half we have Yukiji thinking about how she’s boyfriendless after being asked about relationships by one of her colleagues.

But nothing changes this time and Yukiji will always be Yukiji. So she stays to her regular ways.

More plot progress on Eden of the East. More pressure on Akira as Saki’s friend’s suspension continue to rises enough to take action on finding out who he is. More mystery building around the NEET incident as they meet another NEET but who’s intelligence may hold key for Akira to find more about the Selecao game. Only note worthy thing when it comes to the actual pics are the scenery shots.

Oh wow, An FMA Update? More like the beginning of me starting to cover FMA. This past week is a continuation of lasts on how Alphonse is feeling about what Barry The Butcher was question. How Al really knows if Ed affixed his soul to the armor and not just created one. Winry visit, Ed hospitalized, etc. More of the same stuff from the first series. I still prefer it’s animation to todays. And next week, Hughes’ funeral! Stay tuned for it! ;_;

Not much on Hatsukoi Limited. Just more athletic brown girl action and her boyfriend with the alpha male complex. Nothing pic worthy.

Regios though..shit gets real. Looking like DBZ fights with swords(Bleach?). Fonfon hands Haia’s ass to him as he rescues Felli who seems to be more active in showing Fonfon her feelings when Nina looks like she’s getting his affection but then a third (or fourth contender if you still count that brown haired girl) contender steps in when Leerin finally finds Layfon. And it looks like she has the clearist shot to his heart. It’s like a soap drama! But more manly! Can’t wait for next weeks episode.Manga update! Just a giant haul after visiting Barnes and Nobles. Picked up my DBZ fix, new Negima series which is said to follow the anime which was decent, New Gurren Lagann Manga I ddin’t know Bandai was publishing, new Geass Suzaku of the Counterattack and a new 4Koma named GA that I picked up on a whim from the artists who did Yggdra Union. Not really whim, I just wanted to make Zeta jealous. >:3

Vidya update? Meh, same same same shit. Gears, TF2 and…that’s it. I was watching the Microsoft Press Confrence from E3 and discussing it on BL’s stream. Well not discussing it, just making fun jabs at all the stuff.Nothing really interests me, even Metal Gear Solid Rising for the 360 since I’m not into MGS…yet. I do like the /v/ shitstorm from both Xbros and Sonyfriends. Kojima is master troll.

That’s about it. Boring, right? But aren’t all my posts boring? Yes? How dare you agree.


Wait…no freakin’ peace.

Fucking Haruhi Second Season just aired, How can I end it like that? All your lovable people are back too.

Seems like the new episodes will be shown with the older ones, all being aired in chronological order. So this episode named “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” is actually the eighth episode in the whole show. And this whole reairing will mean that the new ones will be separated, well at least until the end of it where a whole bunch on new episodes will release weekly and consecutively.

How lucky of use to get future Mikuru in the first new episode? And we even get some loli Haruhi.
I’m pretty excited about the new season after…how many years of it’s announcement and it being pushed back? Pretty sure any Haruhi head would forget all their pent up rage at Kyoani for the largest delay ever. I’ve recently just finished rewatching the first season in chronological order with a friend. He became a Yuki fag while I remain a Mikuru fag. But I was thinking of reviewing the first season but decided to review the show as a whole when their done with all of it. That doesn’t mean when the second season stops but I mean when the Haruhi series as a whole is over. The novels haven’t been released in quite some time, over a couple of years in fact so that review might not be for a loooong time.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this week’s Filler Arc R2!



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  1. :3
    Yggdra Union’s author _<

  2. That reminds me…I have a ton of catching up to do with Eden of the East and FMA: Brotherhood.

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