A Review and a Smoke #1: Prototype

So, I decided I had to review this game. I have way too much to say about it to keep all to myself. First off, I didn’t buy it. I’m slightly glad I didn’t because I don’t think it has a lot of replay value. Anyway, yeah.. I burned the game. 🙂

You start off in a chaotic New York City (a game that takes place in New York? Woah, originality. You’ll immediately notice the sandbox environment, overly badass anti-hero, and uh.. chaos. Well, it’s one of those “oh, here try all the superpowers and then we can take them away because the entire game is a flashback” game. You’re constantly trying to catch up to the present, which you’ll see cutscenes of as you progress through the story. Speaking of story, let me just say this now: This story is stupid. It’s like Resident Evil meets Metal Gear Solid meets Devil May Cry meets Xbox 360’s hidden gem “The Darkness”. At the end of the game, the main character was screaming at some guy I was chasing to kill, and I had no idea who he was. Probably because the story was so gimmicky, unoriginal, and boring. You need to keep reading, though. This game has some great redeeming qualities.

You’re basically a man who turns into these black noodle-y looking things and you eat people. Yep.  You can run around extremely fast, run up walls, glide around the city, throw cars at people, have your arms turn into crazy weapons, and eat people. You “consume” them. When you consume somebody, you basically make them a part of yourself. It doesn’t really make sense because all you get is their memories and their looks as a disguise (until you eat someone else, which replaces the previous disguise), but that’s what the game tells me.

The gameplay is pretty great. AI is stupid, and some physics are just plain terrible, but the different powers you have at your disposal make this game shine. It seems like overall, it could of used a lot more polish and a better engine. Although some powers and upgrades seem useless and/or I never bothered to use them, the combat is awesome. It’s not a very easy game. The farther you get, the more they throw harder and harder types of enemies at you.

I’m not really good with reviews, so I won’t make it too long. I’ll just say that this game is great and recommended. I hope you enjoyed my review. I’d like some criticism on my writing/reviewing skills (or lack-thereof).

I’d also like to take this chance to say goodbye for a while. I’m going to officially be on hiatus. I’ve got some things to take care of before I dedicate myself to anything for a while. I’d like to post regularly sometime this summer. Add me on aim, xfire, or whatever and let’s have a chat sometime.


2 Responses to “A Review and a Smoke #1: Prototype”

  1. So it’s a buy?

  2. It has New Game+ but I haven’t tried it yet. It could raise the replay value, but I’d say replay value is low-medium. It’s not very long either.

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