Arc #005-The Filler Arc R2: The Debt Ridden Butler

Fucking Crap.

I owed my community college $700 since the last semester I went but never paid it off. So I finally got around to paying it…sorta. My friend lent me his credit card so basically I just transferred over to who I owed but better my friend then having a damaged credit record. But that’s $700 on top of the $300 I still owe him.

Same day, I go check out my car because I heard a noise while driving. Went to my dad’s repair shop and had it test driven. Seemed like I need new breaks, discs and calipers for all four wheels and that amounts to $1,000 in costs.

With a shit 10 buck per hour job that only has 2 work days a week earning pathetically around $150 per week on average doesn’t seem like it’ll help much.
Fuck me.

But screw it. Before trying to pay for any of these I’m at least going to buy an acoustic guitar. Found one at the Guitar Center and it played pretty sweetly. Was $249.99. I have $200 to spend for it in the bank so I’ll wait until this Friday to get my pay check and then buy it. Anything else worth buying other than a manga here and there will have to wait….a long time. So no DSi or PS3 for me. ;A;

So aside from my horrendous personal life, how about some animu?

/a/: K-On’s end is near…precisely next week. Review once I see the final episode but for this weeks episode it was heavy on the jealousy from Ritsu to Nodoka since she sees Mio wanting to hang out with her more. Lesbo get? But the Yui and Mio moe continues.

Hayate tiem! So…Hinagiku is having trouble sleeping. She keeps having dreams of a certain boy that constantly makes her heart go *doki doki*. More Hina progress since now her and Hayate are being driven into direct confrontation but Hina seems to be taking her feelings for something else. If next episode it advances a couple of chapters then we’ll probably be seeing my favorite part of the manga animated.
And that was only the first couple of seconds of the episode.

And now Eden of the East is drawing towards it’s end as well but I found out that there will also be a movie and I’m guessing that it’ll be the conclusion to the show since even now, questions are piling up more as the show goes on. Leaving so many unanswered in a small amount of episodes like 11 will leave a bad taste in my mouth. I’m hoping that there will be a cliff hanger that will lead to the movie because if it’s just recycled content from the show…ugh. Here’s hoping.
This week Akira meets Selecaos I and X along with II. The questions: Who is Mr.Outside and Juiz are answered but despite this knowledge more questions just keep coming from the answers. Never ending circle.
This episode is entitled “Who killed Akira Takizawa?” but there are more than one answer to that question.

Fullmetal Alchemist is as dull as ever even now. Pregnancy and background character spot light? Can do without. Any important progress is between Edward and Winry but nothing that goes past 5mins of screen time.

Hatsukoi Limited turns into an interesting direction when someone gets in between Enomoto and Kappa. She’s all tsundere for him while he’s pretty….conflicted with what he feels for her but by the end it sets up a good scenario for the next episode. Still some swimsuit tit service.

In Regios, it’s some Fonfon, Felli, Nina and Leerin action. Fonfon and Nina are about the fighting and Felli and Leerin are all about the emotion. Suddenly, you got some of your harem in my bleach replica animu.

Tayutama subs have been late for a week so we get two this time. More Ameri-emoness but she’s too delicious compared to the rest to be disliked. Just wish Yuuri would fuck one of em since this is an adaption of an eroge…but that’ll never happen.

Manga? Haul time. Just two this week but this was before my recent debt crisis. I even got some musica in there.

/v/: Nothing usual cept this time I’m kinda getting more active on playing Yoshi’s Island. Still Gearing but less often and Haloin’ but less frequent than Gears. Brawl? Played a BL member this morning. Was Animae. We had our equal moments but my variety of character controlled the playing field for basically all the matches except the three I lost. First one as a warm up to see his fighting patterns, the second was his TL against my Game and Watch. Was till the end but I still lost.Last was a Toon Link vs Toon Link match but I was able to get him back with TL of course.
I’m kinda dying down on the Brawl since I got my fill of challenges so far.

Now for some TV…just House basically.

/tv/: Finished the short fourth season that only contained about 16 episodes. Why 16? Writers strike at the time so the amount had to be cut down. Did that mean it was a bad season? If anything it was one of the better ones..but then again they’re all good! House fired his team and had to hire a new one. His method? Gather all 40 participates and make it a game. Rules? There are none as long as House is in control. By the end..everyone will have an idea of what kind of job they’re getting themselves into.
And yes, all these pictures are in chronological order of episodes and the fashion of time they were taken.

How about some music?

/m/: Well it’s more like a combination between /a/ and /m/ but oh well. The Coldplay CD I digitally “owned” but just wanted a physical copy for  the car. Nothing wrong with that, right?
But I have listened to the K-On Character albums that have been coming out along with soundtrack. So far I’ve listened to Yui’s and Mio’s separate albums. Despite me liking both as equally as much Mio crushed Yui in the album songs.

Yui’s were good while Mio’s were outstanding. They both have two unique and new songs that have heavy play of their own instrument along with one track that have different versions of singers. Yui’s were very…Yui but Mio’s had this excitement and rhythm to them. I especially love her second track. So damn mellow.

The OST is a good listen for some nice calming and partially wild instrumentals from the show.

So that about raps it up for me. Let me end it in a good way. Why don’t you have a seat?


8 Responses to “Arc #005-The Filler Arc R2: The Debt Ridden Butler”

  1. Nice post. I love House. 😀

  2. mudjoe2 Says:

    Great ending.

  3. “So that in mind… Nice to meet you” 👿

    Also, how the hell do you watch that much anime a day? :S

  4. link to download character albums.

  5. Good post, as always.

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