Arc #006-The Filler Arc R2: GuitArc

Ah, yes. Now I am 1/3 of a poser. All I need are the skills and the image. I can settle for 2/3. The one that counts, of course.

Sad truth is how I’d love to get lessons from an actual guitarists that knows his stuff, I can’t afford it since most of the people I’ve seen charge a chunk of what little my pay check offers me per week so I’ll go the money savers route and rolls with lessons…on youtube. As long as I know what I’m doing, right?


Other crap I got this weekend too. Lucky Star manga that came out awhile ago and Zune headphones from D(ick/an/y)storce (:3) as a gift. Oh, and the guitar case since it didn’t come with.

Other personal life crap? Went to a wedding outside our workplace. All the way at a private beach. Took place under tents and we had to set up all the crap including all the tables, chairs, plates, glasses silverware and the portable stuff to make the food too. Shit was horrible. To make things worse it was raining and see were in a beach, the winds were heavier than they usually be. So I had to pick up plates and glasses while I walked in the rain and as I was sweating. Not fun.

At the end of the day, all the white (and asian) people were drunk as shit. They were acting worse than black and hispanic stereotypes.
And this week for work I got nearly the whole week off except one day which is a 12 hour shift but that’s the one day I need off due to my cousin having her graduation party and I’ve been wanting to hang out with her for at least a month. Worst part is, there are like 4 other parties going on and on different days which I didn’t get assigned to. Fuck what. I’ll see if I can get out of it.I’ll go a week without pay but screw it.

/a/: K-On Finale, eh? The finale is final, right? Meaning no more after. But not for K-On and thank god. I still want more. ;_; But for this past episode, there was a lot of moe, sexy and band play. Yui being sick was heart attack inducing.

Hayate tiem! The Hina Doll curse (Crossdresses him in girl’s clothing) is still placed on Hayate and he has just one night to get rid of it. Plus there’s a festival going on in the school grounds where he must be in order to stop it’s effect. Can’t wait for the next episode. My favorite chapter in the manga finally gets animated.

This week was the final Eden of the East though…at least for the TV anime. I hear two movies have been confirmed, one for November this year and one for January. I’m thinking about waiting to right a review on the series after the movies have been released but that’ll take…forever for the wait on DVDs so I might just do the TV review this weekend. Just that it isn’t conclusive enough for review.

Anything at Fullmetal Alchimest? The answer has been same ever since it began. More rehash from series 1.

Regios ended though. End was so open it means more chances for a second season since it’s stright from the light novel and it’s still ongoing. Dunno if I’ll review it. We’ll see.

Tayutama has one episode left. They got rid of that…dragon guy so whatever the final episode has is gonna be heavy on the Yuuri and Mashiro.

Manga: Still reading Zetsubou Sensei Vol.2. Gotta say, every chapter has been portrayed in the anime exactly as it was in the manga but this type of series is best watched rather than read. Damn you for making it so good, Shaft.
also strated readin Gurren Lagann manga. Pretty sweet artwork. Yoko’s hotter in this than the anime. Everthing is following as it did in the anime.

/tv/: Not much House this week. Been less motivated to watch since this is the season I rewatched with a friend recently so it’s still pretty fresh in my mind.

Kinda dead on content in this post…cept the Guitar part.



5 Responses to “Arc #006-The Filler Arc R2: GuitArc”

  1. Jimmy Cool Says:

    Konata stockings. ❤


  2. Say Jee Kah Says:


    Also, good luck with your Guitaring, Laddo. I believe in you!

  3. Observant Ougi Says:

    These comments are strangely close together in time.

  4. Observant Ougi Says:

    I am very observant, I can see the times.

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