First off, let me just say that K-On! isn’t for everybody. There are those that are very…expressive of their opinions so I’ll go with their terminology. K-On is considered moeblob. Ranks in there with moe shows like Lucky Star, Potemayo and various others. Lot of internet people play tough guy and give off this attitude that says “I only watch/play mature anime/video games for mature audiences such as myself” or some other shit head excuse. But people have their likes and dislikes, some more forward about it than others but oh well. I just ignore idiots who are still stuck having a one cell brain. To simply put it, Watch the shows you enjoy. It’s cool that other people’s opinion can have an effect on yours but don’t mirror their thoughts. Only peer pressured 13 year olds are incapable of thinking for themselves.

Alright, so that’s enough side tracking. Like I said, K-On isn’t for everyone but I enjoyed it enough to mention it in a paragraph every week in my Filler Arc posts. Now that the show over, it’s time for a wise and intelligent review. [/troll]

It’s a show about 4 girls being in a light music club. Not much to it, right?

K-On! Started out as a 4koma(4 Panel comic strip) manga back in May 2007. Written and illustrated by Kakifly and it falls under the demographic of Seinen (Surprisingly enough). Genres are Comedy and Music. Although I’d recommend it be put under Slice of Life genre.

Kyoto Animation, who have done Lucky Star, Kanon and CLANNAD plus many others, has made it into an anime which ran from April 3, 2009 to June 26. Spanning over 12 episodes and an extra.

Animu Review Corner



Plot wise, there isn’t much.

Yui Hirasawa is a girl who’s a bit of a clumsy and shallow person. Even on her first day as a high school student, she wakes up late and runs to school in a hurry only to find out she misread the time. High School requires every student to be a member of some type of extra curricular activity. Yui can be indecisive at times, this being one of em. She doesn’t have any interests in particular. So she decided to join the light music club and applies; simply because it has the words “light” in it; she believes she’ll be doing easy things. Only until later does she find out the club is meant to be like a band. Band meaning guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. All of which she doesn’t know how to play.

As she walks toward the music room she thinks to herself how she can get out of this mess. The first person she meets is Ritsu Tainaka outside of the room. Ritsu finds out that she’s the person who applied and brings her into the music room. Yui meets Tsumugi Kotobuki and Mio Akiyama. They serve her tea and cake that Yui thinks is delicious and then begins to question if she really should say no.  Ritsu starts asking Yui what are her favorite bands and guitarists. Yui can’t answer because she doesn’t know much about either of them. Mugi tells Yui how much they appreciate her joining the club because they needed one more person before the club was suspended.  Yui tells them she doesn’t want to join their club. She explains that she can’t play guitar and originally thought different instruments were played.

Mio says that she must have some interest in music and asks if she has any other club she wants to join. Yui says not really so the girls think of it as a chance to not let her escape. Even if they get a fourth person it’ll be just in name, not in talent. They begin to bribe her by saying they can drink tea and eat cake and cookies here every day if she joined. They also try to ask her about her likes and fears to try to get to know her but in vain as Yui sees how by her being there, she’s given them a false sense of hope. As a last attempt, Ritsu says at least let them preform. Yui switches to being giddy and excited.

After hearing Ritsu, Mugi and Mio play; Yui becomes amazed at how fun it looks and says she’ll join after all. But she’ll soon have to shape up because she’ll have to learn how to play guitar.

The thing about K-On is…like I said, not for everyone. The plot if virtually non-existent after the first 3 episodes and then it carries on to being a slice of life but anime aren’t always about the plot. The characters are the show itself. Reason why I’d call it a slice of life. This show isn’t about the story but what the characters do.



About…5 girls that are mains, two more girls and a woman as side characters. You will love at least one person in this show if not all of them. The cast of K-On is small, not even going past 10 people but that’s a good thing in this type of show. More love for each individual person. Moeblob, somewhat tsundere, bi curious girl and others that will appeal to you in either cuteness (most likely factor) or sexiness.



The artwork isn’t what I should call heavily and realistically detailed but it’s good enough to earn itself a perfect. They have their cute features and often go into (what I would call) chibi mode. The animations is similar if not the exact type that I saw first introduced by KyoAni in CLANNAD After Story.

I’d call it “fluid”. It’s a type of smooth animation that goes frame by frame and concentrates more on the person’s movement rather than their detail but still maintaining most of their specific aspects. Hard to explain without seeing it yourself. This type of animation is great for this specific type of show.

Since it’s all about their actions; their movements need to drawn for entertainment value as well…but that can be said about any type of animation.



Despite it being an anime about a band/music club, there isn’t a lot of music playing from the band itself except a few choice episodes where they preform live. Kinda disappointing but the soundtrack to the anime itself is pretty relaxing and calming with some tracks that generate excitement for the moment.

The opening and ending are pretty much liked by all who watch the show. Even those who don’t watch it. Some of the better songs from this season, in my opinion.

The OST is definitely worth a download but so are the character albums. So far there are two, one from Yui and Mio. I’ve mentioned before in one of my Filler Arc posts that each album contains 6 tracks. Two original songs and 1 song with that albums featured character singing the lyrics. The other three are the first three songs but without lyrics.

Final Thoughts

Well you’ve basically read all my thoughts from the very beginning. I loved K-On! I’m considering it being one of my Top 5 anime but it definitely is one of my personal favorites. Just not sure of it’s ranking. It’s humor is pretty adorable and with what goes on in each episode it can give you a heart attack. Every episode leaves you with a d’aww feeling.

I’m pretty sad seeing it end. I’m hoping for a second season. Likelihood of that? No clue but I also hope I see the 4koma manga localized here in North America.

I give K-On! a 9 outta 10.

Do yourself a favor and go to Youtube and play it in HD.


3 Responses to “A.R.C.:K-ON!”


    “M-My guitar…”


    I really need to watch this series though.

  2. It’s one of those shows that I watched all the way through and I never quite understood why I liked it as much as I did. I realized though that through every episode I smiled at least once while watching, and it’s overall charm shined through the characters flawlessly throughout every scene.

    ❤ yui

  3. […] than give my thoughts on K-ON! in this already lengthy update, I’m just gonna throw a nod to Arc’s review of it since, grammar nitpicks aside, I agree with it […]

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