Arc #007-The Filler Arc R2: Persona Alteration

Hmmm…let me get shallow in the beginning of this post. No, this isn’t about any of the Persona games so don’t get your hopes up.

Recently…I’ve been seeing myself as the person I really am. Idiotic, lazy, unproductive, disloyal, etc. Crap load more of personality traits society view as bad. Now those are coming up as I am alone. When am I alone? More than I want to. All I do is stay home or work. Shitty lifestyle. completely voluntary though.

Thing is though. I view myself as pathetic. I mean…I don’t have a single thing to my name other than an alias and non existing reputation where it matters. There’s nothing really interesting about me. My only hobbies right now are watching animu, reading manga and playing vidya. Barley any passable hobbies to make conversation with. Things I’d let people be oblivious to. Only shit I’ve done in my life that has to do with education is that I finished high school. Nothing to be proud of since it’s forced on us. I would go on but it’d be moot. You get the point. So, what do I want to be?

No. Damn. Clue. I’m not gonna stop enjoying the hobbies I “practice” though but I would like to add new things and shape myself up. Something more…interesting and respectful. If you know me in real life, you can tell I’m too much of a nice guy. If I disagree with something, I let it go without saying a word just not to create a problem. Something unjust? I keep my mouth shut do to fear. Fear of what? No clue. (I’m lying. Everybody lies.) But I do know I’d like to change that but just like that? Not all that easy. Just wanted to be more discreet and overall honest when it comes to putting my thoughts out there. Maybe even be an ass about it.

Fucking being mr.nice guy all the time. Shit gets tiring after awhile. To “alter” myself further I decided to pick up the book that I bought months ago and read it. Name of said book? The Godfather. Maybe it’s a right step. Toward what? Becoming a highly respectful gangster that runs his own syndicate? I wish. Maybe reading will let me be a bit more “cultured”. I’ll stay away from teenage trash like Twilight though. Just because I’m lazy doesn’t make me a fool. I’m up to page 40 right now. It’s playing out just like the movie did which is great since I loved it. Maybe you have a good book suggestion that might interest me. You guys know me a bit since you’ve read most of my posts, right? Right? ;_;

Just gotta use my time better than refreshing the same pages over and over along with browsing Backlog and /a/ all day. Fucking internet.

Fuuuucking guitarrrrrr. I need to get my ass busting on it but like I said. Forget self teaching. I’m gonna get a teacher. Just gotta get some money since I gave my last paycheck of 200 to my friend since I owe him (and still due). This week’s pay will be crappy. A 100 at best. Gonna use it to pay for some bills and then the next I’ll use on some guitar lessons from craig’s list. Not gonna go to a straight up expensive professional. I would if I had that kinda cash but screw it. I’ve been finding people on there and the average price seems around 25 to 30 per 30 mins. Some people doing 40 an hour. Costly for 60 mins, right? Wish I was making 40 an hour. I’ll chose someone and give them a call next week. We’ll see.

Ha, I’m overrating this thing. Most likely I’ll just end up doing nothing about myself and just keep loathing around. Wouldn’t be all that bad but I’d still like to put my guitar to good use. Only reason I’m doing it is for self satisfaction, not to get money or girls out of it. Would be nice though.

I’m trying to get my sister a job at my place. Looks like she might get it. Kinda bad of me to bring here to a place where I hate to work but as long as her ass doesn’t stay at home all summer doing nothing, right?

Now for the not so boring part.
/a/: Since K-On ended last week I’ll be putting Hayate in the spotlight. So my favorite chapter just got animated. Results? Feels good, man. I thought it was great, they added some comedy into which is better. The animation is pretty great in quality plus the character development skyrocketed. Some people said it was too rushed but it felt like it went at an excellent pace. Arc agrees. Don’t bother him about it.

And now that Eden of the East is over, Haruhi will take it’s place. Might not be every week though because of the airing schedule they posted up. Some episodes will be from last season and if you’re watching Haruhi S2, I’m pretty sure you watched the first season so no point, right? I actually didn’t say anything about last weeks episode during my last post but that actually works better now seeing how directly linked the two episodes are. I kinda felt the latest episode to be pretty strong. Probably me just overly observing things but the last 5 mins of the latest episode kinda pulled my heart string and filled it with ZETSUBOSHITA. And Oh Gawd, Kyon can make people go gay.

Fullmetal Alchemist? It’s picking up…a lot. Greed’s introduction and more plot advancement. Next weeks episode looks like it’ll be better than this weeks but right now FMA is doing badly in my list of shows I’m watching. I’m disappointed so far…still.

I’ll talk about last week’s Hatsukoi Limited since I’m waiting on this week’s subs. More Kappa and Enomoto relationship development. I disliked this show at first due to some…bizarre things but I’m liking the end a lot. Fuck me for being a sucker for romance.

Tayutama ended. Badly. I’m thinking of doing a three in one post for it, Regios and Hatsukoi when I get done with the last one…or I might just put the effort to make three separate posts. We’ll see.

Manga: I picked up a pretty big haul this past week. Got 3 DBZ Vols, 2 Vols from this series called future Diary, 1 new Higurashi and 1 new Haruhi. I even bought 2 vols of Air Gear. So that’s…average of 10 bucks per manga so it comes out to be…$90 worth of manga. Don’t care, I’m happy. Took a pic for the hell of it. You can see The Godfather too. Click for higher resi.
Future Diary is pretty damn good. Death note with cellphones and recording devices…kinda. Delicious yandere too. DBZ is well…DBZ. The show and the manga are pretty much exactly the same. Haven’t touched Higurashi yet since I have to finish the second volume which is the end of the Abducted by Demons Arc. Haruhi and Air Gear go untouched the same as well. Maybe Godfather is taking up their time but it’s time well transferred.

also, remember earlier in this post I mentioned my sister getting a job? Well I recently hung out with her at the mall and then we hit a Barnes and Noble. She said she’d buy me a manga for every time I drove her to the mall. Pretty win for me, right? Especially if I wanna go out and get something.

/v/: Minor progress in Yoshi’s Island SNES. I finally got a whole world with 100’s. Unlocked Extra stage and mini game. The extra isn’t hard but I keep missing some red coins for a 100 and I’ll definitely whore the mini game to get stars for those “just in case” situations.

More Gears fur messing around. Some public. Hardly any rage though.
I lent out my Halo 3 but what a time to do it. Fucking Zeta and Dan are doing campaign and I wish I could. ;_; Gonna try to get it back this week so I can join em for Legendary lulz.

/tv/: Slow progress through House. Watching season 5 here and there. Mostly when I’m eating and don’t wanna watch any animu or play vidya.

Now I’m off to bed. I haven’t gone to sleep and I have 4 hours until I wake up and go get my hair cut./end

Kinda strange not having K-On or Eden in my post anymore. ;_;


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  1. I recommend you check out American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Amazing book.

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