Mach #58 – It kinda defeats the purpose.

So I’m here in Little Egg Harbor, NJ with my family to spend a part of 4th of July weekend with them since we can’t stick around longer since I have work Saturday morning. We ended up getting to my aunt’s place around 8 AM after leaving just briefly after 7 AM to avoid traffic on the way. After a pretty uneventful afternoon of swimming, we ended up having lunch and I decided to take a nap because we weren’t doing anything… I probably doze off around 2 PM, and wake up around 7 PM. I continue to ask both my aunt and my mom if we’re doing anything else today before it’s too late because I suffered this problem last time.

What’s the problem? No one makes the first move to actually fucking do anything. I believe it was last years 4th of July weekend. We end up staying at the house doing almost ABSOLUTELY nothing. The rest of my family is here as well, so my cousins are chilling with me as well. Most of us end up napping because the parents aren’t making a god damn move. It’s like 8 PM when we finally do something and we question why we did nothing earlier that day even though we were all complaining we weren’t doing a damn thing. What’s their reason?

You were sleeping.

ERK~ It kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? We’re sleeping becuase we’re bored out of our fucking minds and you don’t wake us up to do something because we’re sleeping.

Well, the same thing happened to me this year, AGAIN. I fall asleep, and my 2nd cousins are here with me as well (nephew and niece by Filipino standards). We’re all bored out of our fucking minds. What’s the reasoning why we’re still at the house doing nothing? “Eric, you were sleeping.”


Ugh, I swear, if we have this problem next year, I’m gonna flip a shit.

I suppose I should actually get into some gaming related news on my part, huh? Almost done with Final Fantasy I. One more crystal remains and then it would mark my first official in a Final Fantasy game… Ever. Playing a little bit of Ghostbusters and Saints Row 2 for the 360.

Also, my Wii broke. God dammit.

Dinner is waiting for me, so I guess I should wrap this up. Apologies if I haven’t updated as much lately. I don’t have the same kind of ranting powers I used to. I also apologize to Arc for kinda putting weight on him to update when I don’t even update all that often myself… So I suppose I should get the incentive to post from the other ranters, huh?

Here’s a question for you then: What do you plan to accomplish this summer in terms of gaming?

I’ll update that as soon as possible. I definitely have some goals for this summer.

Until then, later~


6 Responses to “Mach #58 – It kinda defeats the purpose.”

  1. i plan on beating games. LOTS OF THEM. :S especially mario.

  2. Lol. That 4th of July story was pretty funny. As for the question, pretty much the above. I know…how about…making a gaming purchase?!? Seriously, I need to go buy Blazblue ffs.

  3. Make it sound like I dislike posting. >:3

    • Well, I hate feeling like you’re taking on the slack of the blog. Tenks posted recently, and I try to get one when I actually have shit to talk about.

      In other words, I feel bad if you’re the only one saying anything for two weeks straight. It makes me feel like a lazy founder. D:

  4. I plan to beat Cosplay Fetish School.

  5. I plan to beat Banjo-Tooie so I can be done with my N64 collection.

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