Arc #008-The Filler Arc R2: UNCUT, RAW AND SEXY!

Yes, this is a sell out post….Now what am I selling out? Myself? You? This blog? Backloggery maybe?

Nope. Nothing of that sort. You’ll all be safe and sound. Trust me. I’ll continue to endlessly babble on, thinking someone is listening…like a very long winded post on twitter. Now to the point of this. Recently Mach and Len have been mentioning how I’m…kinda left holding this blog up. I’m kinda use to it…so to speak.

Same thing happened at BtP where only 2 members out of the 5 were post but now DRE is a bigger platform (Hurr durr aren’t I so clever, Dan?) that support more than 5 members. 7 to be precise. (Wooo~ a whole two other members) So naturally more people should be post, right? Right?

(Speaking of Board the Platforms, check out their new theme. Pretty original. And don’t forget to see the About us section. Kick ass drawings by Linko.)

Well not really. People should post when they feel like it. I’ll bring up a point. (That I’ve used before, mind you but it still carries it’s purpose!)
What’s the reason this blog was created? Well aside from talking about gaming, personal life, backloggery and stuff. Actually…why is any blog created? Well aside from other blogs who’s genuine purpose is to either inform the world or make some type of profit from it…or some other reason. Let me rephrase my question. Why is any blog from a band of backloggery created?

Simple. For entertainment and enjoyment.
So with that said, why bring stress and unpleasant energy into a blog that’s meant to be for fun? It’s cool if you don’t post as often as you use to but there isn’t any need to feel guilty about it. Just…post when you feel like and that’s about it. Simple, no? No reason to let an obligation ruin the purpose of the blog’s existence.

With that said. Let’s all just chill and ignore the rest of this post!

Reading wise, The Godfather has been treating me well. I just finished the first chapter. Now that sounds slow, right? I mean…it’s been a week since the last time I spoke about it and I’ve only finished a chapter? Well the first chapter is 61 pages long so don’t bite my head off. And I’m not really in any rush to finish it. Since it’s my first book I voluntarily picked up and started reading, I’m going on my own pace. The whole point is to enjoy the story, right?

Now for the animu pics of cute faces, guns, swords, blood, rears and tits.

/a/: Now that the massive Hina arc is done, which I massively enjoyed, it’s gonna go onto the…idk what arc it really is. Just new chapters animated to follow the manga. This time we get Izumi’s famly introduced including her mother and…some crazed assassin-like person who’s height only reaches up to Hayate’s knee.

Fullmetal Alchemist…has been so fucking boring thus far. Everything has been a rehash. I can understand that the anime trying to go the way the manga did but jeez. Everything has been said before in the original anime, even with all the cut downs the studio has done…but 13 episodes into the series…why am I still watching? A glimmer of hope that maybe the story will get better…even a tiny bit. Well now that glimmer has shown with an intensity high enough to light Yankee Stadium. This is what I’ve been hoping for. Ridiculously childish 12 year old violence and a massive development in plot that is completely different from the original anime. I’m glad I kept watching. Shit goes down between Greed and King Bradley, Armstrong has a fistfight with a human-cow mutant and we get to know more about the homunculus.

Summer is almost half way done…isn’t it? But until now the summer season of anime has just begun. You’ve seen me talk about past shows that I no longer mention. Well that’s because they’re done, for the most part. Only one I reviewed so far is K-ON! and I’m only gonna bother reviewing Eden of the East (Which I’m rewatching. Once I’m finished, I’ll review it), Regios, Hatsukoi Limited and possibly Tayutama. Now new shows will replace old ones and so far I’ve began watching two new series.

The first is named Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Sound familiar? If you’ve heard of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, you should know by the name that they’re related. Maybe not plot wise from what I know but they do share the same creator(s). Higurashi is known for it’s horror-esque theme so will we see the same for Umineko? Seems so. I’ll give a brief intro summary. No, names. Just story.

A legend has been spoken about a witch able to grant any person’s desire in exchange for their soul. A man who lost everything sought the witch in order to regain what was stolen from him

An wealthy old man is near his death. His possible heirs are flown into the dying man’s private island in order to see what each of them inherit. But soon mysterious deaths start to occur on the island. To make matters worse, a typhoon has hit the place, trapping all the family members and servants on it. More people begin to die and the ones who are alive are quick to point fingers at those who are greedy enough to kill others. Will the survivors reveal who the culprit is or will it too late by then? And what of the legend and will it play a role in these recent murders?

Sounds like an old fashion hollywood movie, right? Well so far it’s pretty interesting. Some characters are more noticeable than others but nothing massive or new…cept maybe the mother who slaps her daughter when she begins to cry nonstop. I’ll continue watching it. Hopefully it’ll turn into something good like Higurashi did.

Another show I’ve started watching is CANAAN. The title sounds and looks kinda like CLANNAD, right? Well they’re pretty much completely different. The plot hasn’t been told enough to get a hint of where it’s going but so far…it looks like a modern hollywood movie. (Sup with hollywood-looking animu now?) The action and mystery of the first episode has given off an impression that feels like what a North American movie thriller would feel like. Kinda like The Matrix and Die Hard and other run & gun action flicks look like. I’ll keep watching since the animation was superb from the first episode. Here’s hoping it stays the same. (Not likely but eh)

So I finally got around to watching the Pani Poni Dash OVA. I watched the PPD anime back when I went down to Central America to visit my grandparents and other family in Guatemala. Comedy and reference anime. Was pretty good. Was made my Shaft so artwork and animation were top notch. The OVA was released a couple of months back but until now I remembered it. I’ll show the good stuff for now.

Along with the awesome Gurren Lagann reference.

Manga? Still haven’t read Air Gear, Lucky Star or third volume of Higurashi but I did get Negima! vol. 23 in the mail today. Read half way through it and it’s been pretty awesome so far. Shakugan no Shana Vol.4 coming out in the next week. A new vol hasn’t been out in months. And new Hayate vol doesn’t get released until August. ;_;

Now for /v/!

/v/: I just Yoshi’s Island SNES and I’m moving onto my next victim. I’m 30 Stars deep into Super Mario 64 and I’m trying to complete as many levels as I can before I get to each Bowser fight. I wanna see a on it when I’m done.

I also had a couple of matches on Worms 2 on XBL with Dan and Zeta. So much freaking fun. I recommend anyone who has a 360 to buy it and join in. I believe Seijika and Lizzie are gonna be getting it too.

Oh yea, Dan and Zeta are also looking for heads to play against in BlazBlue. Got it? Why not hit them up to play along with other BLers?

Hmmm…that’s about it for me. Too much, too little or too boring? Well it is a filler arc and it is me posting so that automatically means quantity over quality. ;A;

Oh yea. Hopefully I’ll be getting some guitar lessons by next Friday. Hope it goes well. ;_;


8 Responses to “Arc #008-The Filler Arc R2: UNCUT, RAW AND SEXY!”

  1. Observant Ougi Says:

    I recognize the truth in your point about blogging.

    From what I have observed, I believe that Seijika has BlazBlue and is willing to play.

  2. Don’t answer for me, Ougi!

    I hope I don’t suck too much at BlazBlue, still getting the shiz down. I am willing to knock heads with BLers, though!

    Also Pani Poni OVA hell yes.

  3. I’ve totally been meaning to make a new blog post. I should be getting to that soon, really.

    As for Worms 2, I picked it up the other day, and I’m TOTALLY up for some multiplay. :ahoy:

  4. As I said last time, I’d feel bad about letting you take all the slack for posting up stuff. Considering Len and I are supposed to be running this thing, it would make me feel like a horrible founder if I didn’t say anything.

    Also, considering how elaborate your posts are each time you post up, it makes mine look insignificant in comparison. 😦

    I’ll probably get something up later this week though. Out of randomness, a couple of friends and I are going to hit up the DDR X Beta machine near us. I could just rant off about how much better it is than the official release.

  5. Umineko has an anime?!? I just started playing that game, too.

    I still need to pick up Blazblue. T_T

  6. I totally understand where you’re coming from with blogging whenever you feel like it. I try to post a new blog at least every 5-6 days so that I can keep my writing skills fresh while not getting burned out from posting constantly. It’s tough for me to write something if I don’t post anything for more than two weeks. That’s how I see it.

    I’d play against you in BlazBlue, but I picked up the PS3 version. I’m okay and I need to find someone other than Noel to get good at.

    I just finished Cardcaptor Sakura today, the longest show I’ve watched to date. I’m now free to catch up with a bunch of newer shows because I had CCS take priority over everything else. Believe it or not, I’ve never finished the first season of Haruhi Suzumiya. That’s the next show I’m watching.

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