Noi #12 – God. Haruhi S2 episode 4 sucked.

This was the angriest sprite I could find.I mean really KyoAni. I didn’t mind episode 2 or 3. 2 was the introduction to the Endless Eight arc, and 3 elaborated on ZOMG IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY. But episode 4 added nothing to the plot, was the same as episode 3 but with some different PoV’s, and it’s just generally an utter waste of an episode. Screw you for making me actually start a blog post with anime, which I’ve never done so before. If I wasn’t such a Haruhi fanboy, I’d just skip over the next few episodes until someone told me that something actually happened in the series.

Now that I got that out of the way, I’d like to add a comment to fellow blogmate Arc’s entry over the frequency of my posts. Note first, that this isn’t meant to be a flame, critique, or anything of the sort, just stating my own reasons. I usually take some time in between blogs to actually have something to blog about, like that nicely worded paragraph up at the top of this entry. I know Mac’s said that he doesn’t mind, but I don’t lig blogging about RL issues, unless it’s something I really, really need to rant about. I just focus on the entertainment aspect, bringing you the “what’s up” about my gaming, animu watching, among other stuff.

…I should probably finish off that Dissidia review I started about a year ago. Sheesh.

Anyway, gaming! I’m bribing the hell out of everyone i know to get me presents for my birthday (HINTJULY25HINT), and I already managed to claim a copy of Mega Man Starforce 3: Black Ace.

The latest in the eternal rehash that once was Battle Network.

The latest in the eternal rehash that was once Battle Network.

I’ve been enjoying it so far. It’s by far the best entry in the Starforce series, somehow following the Battle Network pattern of the third being the best game in the series. It has the same type of gameplay as it’s predecessors with new twists, fixes and whatnot, and while some of the obligatory stylus uses are slightly annoying (Starforce 2 could be played entirely without using the stylus), it’s a smooth experience once you get used to it. So far, the only Bro that’s hit me up on this is Phanir, so if any of you pick up a copy, make sure to let us know!

I should be heading to the post office to see if anything’s arrived in the way. I’m currently expecting Endaso’sBox of Crap™” to arrive sometime this week, a box full of horrors that I must go through for the sake of gaming. I’m also expting my Playasia shipment to get here, as well as two games I ordered from Goozex. So all in all, I’m expecting Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, Shadow the Hedhehog, Sonic Heroes, Sonic and the Secret Rings, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Resistance: Fall of Man and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) to grace my doorstep sometime this week.

…What a horrible night to have a backlog.


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  2. Gonna write another rant about episode 5? lol

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