Ren #27 – I’m a girl.

Why the alias alteration?


Well – it’s a long story. To make it short, my cover has been blown. I’ve been posing as a dude, as a man – 24 years of age for a while now. When in reality, I’m a girl.. I’m 18. Lol, this feels pretty retarded typing out.

I’m truly sorry to those I have offended or hurt because of this. Somehow, this feels really bad. This became something bigger than I ever had imagined it to be. Mach is shocked right now, especially since he’s known me for 5 years – how many years? I’m sorry, Chao. But you know, this “life” I had was fake, not my personality. Of course, my personality is very real. My emotions are also very real, I really was emo these past few months, gone through heart break and all that other crap, but I’d like to think of it as teenage, high school drama.

It’s going to be college drama in the Fall. I really am majoring in English and Education. It’s my heart’s desire to delve into the depths of literature. o_o

Hm, I don’t have a sister, but I DO have a brother who is about 11 years older than me. But he’s practically non-existant to me. There’s not much to say about me, in later posts, you’ll gradually get to know me. Just a note, all the gaming information and whatever else I’ve contributed to this blog were all true. My outputs and opinions on games remain the same, I’m still a Taleswhore, still whatever.

Anyway, why the alias change? It doesn’t feel quite right being “Len” anymore, so hell, why not “Ren”? It’s pretty much the same, especially since there is no letter “L” in the Japanese language. And my middle name is “Rena,” so it fits.

Next theme, I’ll pick a female character. Lol, DRE was never a sausagefest. I’ll post my rig sometime.

Now, onto the gaming news. I -was- going to do a review for either BlazBlue or Heavenly Sword, but god damn, I’m SO lazy.

Screw it, let me do a minireview.

BlazBlue is great – just. so. great. I love it. The graphics are beautiful, the feel is wonderful, the voice acting (Japanese) is amazing. There’s actually a story, though sometimes I’m convinced that everyone is simply warmed in a time paradox. Somehow, it feels like a mind fuck.

But I was half-asleep playing most of the stories of the characters, so who knows.

Anyway, the story is about Ragna, the Bloodedge. Also titled, “the Grim Reaper”.. he’s got a huge bounty on his head for attempting to eradicate “the Novus Orbis Librarium Armagus,” or “the Library”.. also known as the “NOL”. It’s basically the government of the world. Ragna had demolished a large portion of the “NOL” ultimately making him a dangerous criminal in the world. He also wields a power called “Azure Grimoire,” also known as “BlazBlue.”

The main story revolves around the three characters, Ragna, Jin, and Noel, however; there are 12 characters, each with their own unique movesets and they each play an important and specific role in the storyline. In Story Mode, you are able to experience the world in the eyes of all 12 characters, only then will the true story be unlocked. You experience the supressions of their journies, as well as their reason for traveling, their past, their inner thoughts, their choices and their consequences. At times, you are able to choose which path you would like to follow, which eventually pinpoints to an ending for that character. There are clear endings and alternate endings, ultimately leading to 100% in the specific character’s storyline.

The story is much more constructed and well-played out than Guilty Gear‘s.

The characters also have better and more enticing personalities in this game. In GG, they lacked personality or any sense of humor. At least in BlazBlue, you get to experience good humor from various characters, especially Taokaka and Noel.

Now, gameplay.

Gameplay is wonderful. The very feel of the game is easy to adjust to and it plays like any 2D Japanese fighter. It’s not like Street Fighter, though. SF sucks. It feels great on a PS3 controller, but jeez, today I went to the arcade that Chao did a while back (lol, I actually called him for directions) and played BlazBlue on the arcade. The joystick feels so.. weird. But then, oh mah god, I was roaming around and I found GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE.. so I just kept playing that.

Oh sorry, I got off-topic. It’s pretty easy to execute combos and such in BlazBlue, so ultimately, it’s a pretty easy game to pickup. I’m getting lazy. Eh…….
If you know how to play a fighting game or just mash buttons, then you know how to play BlazBlue.
The only attacks that are probably the most difficult to execute are the Astral Heart finishes. They’re basically Instant Kills.

But yeah.

Visuals are great. They incorporated 2D graphics with 3D for the backgrounds of stages, in which they introduce at the beginning of every fight. And the rest of the graphics are 2D, sexy, and HD. I don’t feel like writing anymore, so yeah.

BlazBlue gets a OUT OF !


21 Responses to “Ren #27 – I’m a girl.”

  1. Well, Ms. Tenks, congrats on getting that little secret off your chest…

    And no, I’m not making a breast joke there, believe it or not.


  3. you didn’t have to make a whole post over it, fag

  4. But I didn’t, mexifag. The majority is BlazBlue.

  5. SO CALLED IT. Internally.

    By the way I don’t believe we’ve officially met. Hi! =D

  6. Had a gut feeling that you were actually a girl, but now I know.

  7. mechagojira Says:

    and i’m secretly batman!

    and blu is so funny, making breast jokes tee hee hee

  8. I hope you all still love Tenksy.

    • I’m a little mad, and I’m going to have a hard time trusting her for a while. Tenks is first person I met on backloggery and if it wasn’t for her, I would’ve never spoken to any of you. I still love you, Tenksy.

      • How do you think I feel. ;_;?

        I’ve known Tenks online for about five years. How do you think I felt when the news broke out to me?


    also sup ‘Ren’ ~<3

  10. Observant Ougi Says:

    I observed the truth from the start. I am sorry I hid it from you all, but I also observed the cover had to be maintained.

  11. I’ll be honest, when you first posted I thought it was all part of some ultimate troll on NA…

    Awesome, you did that BlazBlue review. :3 I fucking hope this comes out in the UK, if not I might just import on PS3 so you can kick my ass online Tenksy. D:

  12. This…kinda changes nothing for me.

    Welcome newcomer?

  13. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLE— Oh wait. Not really? You know, reading through the NA post made me all like… ‘wow’. It came as a surprise to me. To be totally honest, I just thought Tenks was incredibly gay. XD Not that that’s a bad thing!

    Of course, Tenksy’s still the same old Tenksy to me. Except without the man-parts.

    Don’t worry, DRE is still a sausagefest to me.

  14. All the themes of animu guys on your Backloggery are 85% less creepy now.

  15. wut animu gaiz. I don’t recall.

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