Noi #13 – KyoAni can go suck egg.


Haruhi S2 Episode 5. Really KyoAni? Really? I think my previous rant was enough on the subject, but at least this episode SEEMED to hint at an episode 6 conslusion. Maybe. I hope.

Ooooon to a brighter subject through. Or maybe, not so bright really. The packages I was expecting haven’t arrived yet. Only one did, which was Resistance: Fall of Man, and I already went and beat the game. I haven’t really been in a gaming mood, outside of playing Street Fighter IV to fulfill my fighting game craving while BlazBlue gets here. Unlocking trophies here and there, though it’s just meant to keep me busy while more games arrive. I could be beating the games I already own, but eh, I simply don’t feel in the mood for them right now.

Huh, rather short post. Here, have some Nanairo medley. Nico link for those of you who’d rather see it in one video.


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