Arc #009-The Filler Arc R2: Now Hiring: Backloggers

I’ll go /v/ on this post first.

Let me speak on my recent experience with a wonderful game that has brought me joy, happiness, anger and despair. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. A game with enough grace to make any man, woman and child into a Zelda fan. Well me….this game experience has been one giant beautiful and ugly struggle that has taken hold of me with the grip of death. I have failed twice to finish this game due to incidents beyond my control.

My first experience was when I emulated it on my computer but then I suddenly caught a virus when I was descending toward Great Bay. I had to flush my computer out to it’s default everything and my game data was erased with everything else.

A couple of months ago I bought Majora’s Mask for the N64 thinking it would be my safest course of action to insure a wholesome and problem free gaming experience with this magnum opus but alas. When I finally get to playing it all it shattered when it continuously froze on me whenever I played The Song of Time which many of the people that have played it should know that it is the song that allows you to permanently save any progress you’ve done and save any item of importance while the regainables like rupees, bombs and arrows are lost.

I have made attempts to save it. I thought I had done it. I thought I was finally able to continually play Majora’s Mask without any problems but fate is a cruel vixen. With a slap across my face, the game froze on my once again as I was unfreezing the old Goron in the frozen lake that lead to the Goron Village. That broke my will right there and then. Why now? Why this specific game to ruin for me? Why me? Well fuck it. Not gonna let this get me down. I will stop at nothing. I will Majora’s Mask…eventually.

My face when My Majoras Mask fucked up.

My face when Majora's Mask fucked up.

So I went with…the most secure way once again by purchasing the game on Virtual Console. I would’ve liked to see it on it’s original console but alas, I cannot have it my way after all. I’ll just it now and then it later along with Ocarina of Time which I also on VC.

But…how about some somewhat good news? I put me credit card in and bought 20 bucks worth of points when I only needed $10 so I got 1,000 extra points to spend. So the reason for the title is I want to get some opinions on what to spend the extra points on and why not ask Backloggery?

These are the games I’m considering:

Super Mario RPG   800 Points
Punch-Out!!          500 Points
Super Punch-Out   800 Points
Super Metroid       800 Points
Bit. Trip Core        600 Points
Star Fox 64          1,000 Points

So any picks? just post em on this thread and maybe with a reason why. Please? ;A;

On other vidya news, I’ve been replaying Final Fantasy VII which is funny because I totally forgot Noi had an FF marathon going on.

Up to Corel Prison where they explain Barret’s past and his reason for beginning the h8 Shinra bandwagon. So far I’m focusing all my time on leveling materia fast by having weapons that have double growth on em despite them being individual slots rather than linked. Got Cloud and Barret working on em while Red XIII takes a chill seat on the side.

That was a day or two ago and now I’m up to making my way to the Northern Crater. Aerith is dead(and yes I renamed her that) and so I gotta go take out big baddy boski at the wound that Jenova made. And I got all the possible party members too. Who’s in my main squad? Cloud, Yuffie and Vincent. I replayed the game once before and I had a different member each time. First time was Cloud, Tifa and Red XIII then the second time I just swapped Red for Cid but now I said fuck it and kicked Tifa out too.

And I recently bought WWF No Mercy off of eBay. Pretty much nostalgia rush since I had it when I was a kid and during that time I was infatuated by wrestling. It was at it’s peak back then too despite it being scripted but now-n-days I can’t bare to watch today’s shows. I was able to get through the Heavyweight Championship with The Rock. Might redo it with Stone Cold and then move onto the other belts for a nice .

That’s about it for the vidya. Onto Animu.

The latest Hayate episode went for the comical side of the series. This time it focuses a bit more on the Nagi and Ayumu relationship of rival turn friends turn back to rivals. This time everyone is running to a certain hot spring where it has been said to improve breast size, academic skills and lose of exorcism powers.

Fuck Yes, New Zetsubou Sensei season. What a way to start it too. The beginning was pretty damn awesome and original since I haven’t seen it as a chapter in the manga. They had a brief introduction of the students and then moved onto showing Shaft’s artistic side. Also Chiri looks like she had some more…style added to her. I’m loving her more and more now.

CANAAN has been getting to be a Chinese Conspiracy animu…do we have those type of movies in Hollywood? Can’t remember since I haven’t watched a flick in the longest time. This time we get a pretty awesome old man jumping off the walls (More like ramming through them with a car) and shooting at Canaan whenever he gets the opportunity. We also get some background on that…blond girl…Maria was it? And this type of drug made form a plant that has a 100% death rate.

Shit gets real in Umineko. Beatrice contact the potential family heirs and tells them of the conditions that have to be met before she takes everything herself. And then what everyone has been waiting for! The Murders.

Two new shows I’ve decided to watch. One is kinda on recommendation of Zeta despite him never watching it but knowing of the artist’s designs. GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class. If you’ve seen one of my fillers before, I had a pic of it with a handful of other mangas I bought as a Barnes and Noble haul. I’ll say this: The artwork is the closest you’ll see to the manga and the 4 panel scenarios are shown in a great way but one thing that bugs me is that I wish they used more vibrant colors. Just that everything seems dull and grey shaded. Funny how a coloring animu lacks…color. Also, this is a moe moe show all over.

The second show I started watching is Bakemonogatari. So a girl slips and falls down the stairs of her school but a boy catches her before she’s hurt. Thing is she’s nearly weightless. The boy starts to ask questions about her and finds out she’s a normal popular girl until she went into high school. Soon he finds himself being threatened by the girl he saved. He eventually finds out that she’s a vampire that has come across a rather…unfortunate encounter with some kinda mythical creature…or was it a god? Can’t remember but anyways, the boy decided to help her since he too was a vampire some time ago but a friend of his helped “cure” him and now he thinks he could help her.

Shaft is the studio behind this one. The first episode started strong with the visuals but I can’t see it holding the same effect through out the show since the budget would be beyond it’s limit if they did. I’m also curious where the story will go. It’s Shaft and plots aren’t their strong point.

Much to my despair, Eclipse hasn’t subbed the latest Fullmetal Alchemist…which is funny because it was just getting good. But eh.

I also finally got to watch the Kyou Arc animation for CLANNAD. I’m hoping to rewatch and review it.

Manga? Only new thing I bought was Shakugan no Shana Vol. 4 which I’ve been waiting for since…forever. I love the artwork and even though the anime is on my rewatch list I don’t mind reading it in manga form. I actually prefer it.

I’ll talk about work for a bit. Shit’s slow. Working like only 2 days a week which comes up to like $120 but that’s before taxes are taken out and now this month coming up I heard only has one party. I need another job. ;A;
So now cash means nothing to buy meaning those guitar lessons I’ve been wanting are gonna have to take a back seat and chill for a bit. Fuck.

Anyway, that’s about it. Don’t forget to tell me what game you think I should get so comment away. ;_;


10 Responses to “Arc #009-The Filler Arc R2: Now Hiring: Backloggers”

  1. So I watched CANNAN today, and I have to say… I got a mindfuck as bad as I did when I first watched Evangelion. Honestly, what the fuck is up with the masks and the bleeding eyeballs? :/

    Zetsubou Sensei looks good, I still need to catch up with the manga and the first season tho ;6_6

    As for the VC games, I can’t choose between Starfox 64 and Super Mario RPG, they are both so good ;^^

  2. Orpheon Says:

    Man,your bad luck with MM is really something. I experienced something similar with Super Mario RPG but that was because i was running it on a PAL SNES via adapter: it froze on me,deleted my saves,all these kinds of lovely things. Speaking of which,i vote for it because it’s simply an awesome game with good Mario humor and funny minigames.Grinding isn’t required to advance,as long as you don’t run away a lot.And if you are bored of RPGs,i heard some really good things about Starfox 64 too.

  3. GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class looks like a chibi-fied Hidamari Sketch.

    Also, get Punch-Out! Maybe. Whatever, just beat Majora’s Mask!

  4. Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, and Star Fox 64 are all highly recommended by me. :ahoy: They’re all awesome games, and if you haven’t played them before, then…

    Hey, we need a :shameonyou: or something.

    • I’ve always wanted to play SMRPG but never have, I tried Super Metroid but apperantly I don’t have much patients for Metroid games despite me loving Castlevania games and Star Fox 64 I own on N64 but *surprise surprise* the cartridge is messed up and when I get to a certain stage it freeze.

      My luck. ;_;

      • AesopYoplait Says:

        In that case, it sounds like you should check out Mario RPG; that is, unless you’re dying to play the rest of Star Fox. Mario RPG will give you quite a lot for your eight bucks.

        If you haven’t played Bit.Trip Beat yet, you might want to get through that before moving onto Core. From what I hear, Core is harder than Beat.

  5. Sorry to hear about your extremely bad luck with Majora’s Mask.

    I think you answered your own question about which game you want to buy for VC. Besides, Super Mario RPG will give you the most for your points.

  6. stuffgenious Says:

    I would love to suggest getting Super Mario RPG for 800, but that would leave you with 200 points. And the thing is there’s nothing you can get (to my knowledge) at 200 points, so you would have to add more points with your credit card. And then it would be an endless cycle, you buy a game, you dont have enough points to buy another, you add points, buy a game, dont have enough points to buy another, etc.

    So I would suggest getting Star Fox 64 for 1,000 Points. That way the cycle is over, and you wont keep filling up your memory with more games.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. GAME ONNN!

  7. SMRPG, easy choice.

  8. My suggestion is gonna be for Super Metroid, because if there’s any game IMO that actually deserves to be called the greatest game of all-time, it’s that game.

    One of the greatest adventure games ever. Get it! >_<

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