Mach #60 – The Otakon Report – Day 00 – “I’m normal… I’m normal… I’m normal…”

So I’m finally down here in Murrland at the “lovely” Inner Harbor for Otakon and god dammit is it hot down here. Makes Jersey look really tame in comparison. 😐

Anyway, we left my friend’s place around noon and got here at about 3ish. Somewhat lucky for us that we actually got upgraded to a suite instead of just getting a normal room, so that was a nice plus. We could actually save a fortune on food because we actually lucked out getting a fridge and a microwave in our room. So $1.19 Easy Mac for the win!

So what’s new with me? Being here at this convention actually makes me feel normal, hence the title and such. Honestly though, it was WAY too fucking hot today to be wearing heavy and dark costumes today. Not a lovely combination by any chance. Plus, the con hasn’t even officially started anyway, so why the fuck would you waste your costume today? Such a waste.

So the pre-reg line took about two hours… Sucked for one of my friends though since we waited in line that long, only for him to realize that he forgot his ID in his car. So he actually had to go back later that night to get his badge WITH his ID in hand. As far as unfortunate luck is going, the air conditioners in our room have been acting pretty shitty. It’s BURNING in this damn room. I don’t think I could actually stand much more of it at the moment. Both control panels have the ACs at 68, but I haven’t felt a god damn difference all day. FML.

I guess this con is a bit daunting for me since it’s my first time attending it. I’ve been hearing from everyone that you wait in line EVERYWHERE just to wait in line somewhere else, and on top of all that, the con is huge. I suppose I’m excited for it, but I guess I’ll have to do a bit of exploring first and get myself familiar with the convention center. I’m pretty excited though. I hope to find some good stuff in the Dealer’s Room which is probably one of the first spots I’m hitting when I get to the convention center later in the morning. I NEED SOME NEW SHIRTS ANYWAY. Hopefully limiting myself to 40 dollars on Day 1.

So what else? I’ll be meeting up with Kasumi, Ashe, and hopefully Kari at the con as well. All of them, hopefully on Saturday, Kasumi, maybe earlier. If anything I’m certain we’re doing that Saturday is that Tales of Panel. Why?

1. Kasumi actually wanted to go to that one. I have no objections since that’s actually the panel I met her at when I first met her at Katsucon.
2. One of my friends I went to college with is actually ON the panel. Since I haven’t seen her in ages, I’ll be dropping by to say hello and stuff.

Exciting, exciting stuff. I’ll probably be doing the DDR tournament as well tomorrow. Dunno if I’m gonna just do the Standard tournament or just suck it up and do the Heavy tournament. Whatever.

Enough ranting for me tonight. I’ll have more an update after Day 01.

Until then, later~


One Response to “Mach #60 – The Otakon Report – Day 00 – “I’m normal… I’m normal… I’m normal…””

  1. TALES?


    Get me stuff.

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