A.R.C.: Eden of the East

Eden of the East is an anime that ran from April 9th, 2009 to June 18th of the same year.

It was created, directed and written by Kenji Kamiyama who is most famous for his Ghost in a Shell series.
The studio that handled Eden was Production I.G. It has helped in developing many series and films. Too many to count but the majority of the people here know it for being the animators of the Tales series when it comes to in game cut scenes.

Animu Review Corner



Saki Morimi is on a graduation trip in America. She travels down to Washington D.C. to see the White House but it isn’t as glamorous as the pamphlets and brochures make it out to be. After an attempt to through a coin in the capital’s fountain, a group of policemen approach her to ask a couple of questions. Before they can get a word out, a young man walks across the street completely naked with a handgun and a cell phone. The cops soon change their target but the young man gets away so the police pursue him.

Saki feels a little relieved that her worries are over but the boy cunningly tricked the police. He approaches Saki but she’s too embarrassed to say much. She gives him her coat, scarf and hat since he helped her out. He runs off trying but Saki soon realizes that she left her passport in her coat and runs after him.

The young man doesn’t seem to remember who he is.  He looks through his cell phone trying to find out anything he can that will help him. He contact someone named Juiz. She tells him this is the first time he contacted her since his memories have been wiped. Juiz tells him that her final instructions are to tell him where to go next.

He finds himself in an small and damaged apartment where Juiz sent him. He tries to unwind a bit and looks around to see if anything can tell him more about what happened. He opens up a dresser to find it filled with guns, ammunition and passports. He opens up the passports and each one has a different name, date of birth and residency other than all the cities being in Japan. The only thing linking them together are that they all have his picture.

The door bell rings. He looks outside to find the girl that helped him. Saki asks for her passport and wallet. He looks through her passport quickly to see her name and D.O.B. He looks through his own passports and finds one with an identical date of birth just one day before Saki’s. He chooses that passport and declares himself as Akira Takizawa. He burns the remaining passports and leaves with Saki to catch a plane to Japan in order to find out more about himself.

I’ll skip ahead a bit and talk about the plot rather than the intro.

12 people in Japan are chosen to lead their country in a new direction that will “save” it. Those 12 people are called the Selecao. They have all been given 10 billion yen to spend in any way they see fit in order to achieve their goal of creating a new path for Japan by using any method they please.  1 out of the 12 is chosen as the Supporter. A type of penalty judge per se. Once a contestant in this game has reached their spending limit, they are to be eliminated from the game. Once the objective has been meet by one of the Selecao, the remaining players will be eliminated. All this has been possible by a man that calls himself Mr.Outside. Very little is known about him except for he is the man who began this game.



The characters in the show are really nothing grand. A lost teenager, a mary sue girl and…everyone else is pretty bland cept for like 2 secondary characters. Not enough substance….just generic.



No matter what any body, Eden of the East has had some of the best scenery in a long time.  Every background shot basically looks like it belongs on a wall in a New York art exhibit. The animation is partly done by CGI when it comes to vehicles and sometimes characters. The animation for the actual characters isn’t so bad. It’s…pretty simple but that isn’t a bad thing. I sometimes find myself looking at the background so much because of how good it is but thank God they decided to make the characters stick out since I’d probably just make them blend in with the back.



The music of Eden of the East is pretty…unnoticeable until it goes down to the track lists of insert songs. I remember a total of 2 instrumentals that have given a memorable scene but nothing past that really. The OP is pretty good actually. Done by an…English band I believe named Oasis? The ED is pretty okay but not as good as the OP. Nothing much else to say. Just wish the soundtrack was a little better.

Final Thoughts

Eden of the East is an anime that pretty much shines in terms of visuals and plot. The story is gripping like a psychological thriller type of movie. Every episode something happens that answers questions but raises even more left unanswered. Things that you just have to know. This is the first anime I’ve seen from Production I.G. but this is a pretty great first impression from them. I had to pause a lot of times just to look at the scenery.

But this isn’t the end of the East. There are actually two movies confirmed since the anime didn’t completely explain everything and left it open for a continuation. One film that is entitled The King of Eden will be out in Japan’s theaters on November 28 of this year and then the second film will be on Janurary 2010. I’m expecting a lot to unfold since this story apparently needs two films in order to be concluded. I’m hoping it’s worthy of this much effort and time.

I give Eden of the East an 8 outta 10.


2 Responses to “A.R.C.: Eden of the East”

  1. Spectro Says:

    Sounds interesting. Might have to check it out. Is there just that one scene with a penis or is there more nudity? I don’t want to watch it while family is around if there is more nudity, obviously. :l

    • There’s that in the beginning episode and then towards the end. around episode 9 or 10 I believe.

      I’d tell you what the scene is but it’d be a spoiler.

      But it’s definitely worth a watch.

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