Arc #010-The Filler Arc R2: Buk! Buk! Buk!

It’s spreading…faster than any virus and ten times as deadly. So…how many games did my Backlog grow since my last post? Let’s make a list, shall we?

1. Bit. Trip Beat for VC
2. Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream for VC
3. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for VC
4. Super C for NES
5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP
6. Chrono Trigger for DS
7. No More Heroes for Wii

So…7 new games added within a week…and with that I become multiple steps closer to becoming a minion of . But that’s not all. I’ve tried to protect myself from infection by progressing in defeating it as well. Baby steps. I took Final Fantasy VII’s  and turned it into a . Took out Ruby and Emerald Weapon using a loop effect with Cloud. Was pretty easy since I did it once, came back in about 20 mins and they were beaten and then I moved onto beating Jenova Synthesis, Bizzaro and Safer Sephiroth. I also Super Mario Bros. 2 for NES. I would’ve liked a on it but I got up to World 4 and died multiple times and lost all my retries so I said fuck it and went for a instead using Warp Pipes.

I wanna beat a couple of other games before I open up my new ones so I’ve decided on 5 in total.

1. Super Mario Bros. 2 for NES
2. Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES
3. Phoenix Wright: Justice for All for NDS
4. Bit. Trip Beat for WW
5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for GEN

One game down, four more to go. s for PW and BTB will be easy since they’re the same as but the second stage in Bit is kicking my ass. I can make it pretty far into the lava background but when blue bits come from each side quickly at you and change positions as they progress gets me to lose. I did get one of the high scores so I don’t have to repeat the first stage all the time.As for PW:JfA, I unlocked the 5th and final stage a long time ago about the time I bought The World Ends With You but then put it on hold. Funny since I hear that the final case is the best. I do agree with most that the past stages were pretty boring but we’ll see if 5 wows me or not.

Sonic 2 will most likely be a since the stages for the emeralds are pretty much the hardest out of the original trilogy for Genesis. I’ll go for for SMB3 but don’t expect as much difficult from it as I did 2.

I’m playing Punch Out right now and I’m up to the World Circuit with a no loss record after many trial and error attempts but Soda Popinski is fucking me up like no tomorrow. Started Mario RPG too. Just for up to Mushroom Kingdom so it’s pretty damn early in the game.

But I’m pretty physced about playing No More Heroes but Dan said he didn’t like it as much…but he also said he was part of the minority so boo him.
I also wanna play Crisis Core but my sister has my old PSP. I’m thinking of buying a new one but one of the 2000 model instead of the after imaging 3000 one…we’ll see.
Chrono Trigger will have to take a backseat until I clear out PW.

Now for some animu.

I’ll talk about Hayate first. So following from before. Nagi and Ayumu were being chased from those assassins who kinda look like terrorists. Hayate comes to their rescue and…hilarity in sues. You’ll see…if you’re even watching it. ;_;

So…I watched episodes 2 and 3 of Bakemonogatari…pretty interesting stuff. Oh how I love you, Shaft. The pics speak for themselves. Gifs are from episode 2 and screenshots are from 3.

Zan Zetsubou Sensei’s getting (or should I say staying) good. More Chiri love and more ZETSUBOUSHITA.

Two episodes of FMA since last week’s was late. New characters that weren’t in the first series. Asian looking bum who’s actually a prince and an asian loli with Scar…pretty cute. Also Ed, Al and Winry find out about Hughes’ death.

Umineko is turning into murder island as more people die but this time shits turning out to be Phoneix Wright the anime with Battler point fingers, thinking more intelligently and speaking his mind…still not saving anyone though.

CANAAN is turning pretty lesbian with Maria. More of that Mute girl who’s pretty much the best character in the series so far.

And for the last mention I started watching Spice and Wolf II since I found out BSS who subbed the first season isn’t subbing this one. So fuck it, went with Mazui. More Horo love along with a third member to make a triangle.The OP isn’t as great as the first seasons but I like the ED of it a lot. Dunno if it competes with The Whistle Song from the first season despite it being from the same artist.

Manga? Dead so far. I got like 7 volumes to read through which I’m taking my time on. Lucky Star, Code Geass, Shakugan no Shana, GA, Higurashi and Air Gear.

And…not to mention more reading material, The Godfather. I haven’t been reading it the last couple of days either due to massive GRINDING FOR MATERIA on FFVII but now that it’s done I’ll be able to focus on reading some more.

That about does it for now. I return to ‘s Lair.

Buk! Buk! Buk!


4 Responses to “Arc #010-The Filler Arc R2: Buk! Buk! Buk!”

  1. I must’ve watched those gifs for like 2 hours.

  2. I haven’t read any manga in a while. I want to catch up on Tsubasa and xxxHolic, but I don’t feel like it.

    I could really use a recommendation for a series to get into. Just pick a series you really like that I haven’t read. I’m open to anything.

  3. Your efforts to fight Bak’laag are in vain if you don’t stop getting new games. :stare:

  4. Just watched Umineko,
    Battler and his groping is really funny, XD

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