Arc #011-The Filler Arc R2: IT FEELS SO GOOD!

Fucking people up in No More Heroes is a joy in life I take pride in tasting. It’s the type of game where you want the game play to be repetitive because you can’t get enough of it.

And that’s what I’ve been mostly playing. I’m towards the end. All I need to do now is get enough money for the final entry fee and then I’m off to fight Rank 1. Right now I got the majority of Gold medals done both for regular jobs and assassin jobs ‘cept like 2 that are still on Silver. I got all the beam katanas and they’re all maximized, even the one part for Tsubaki Mk-III that cost me 999,999LB. 

I’m pretty impressed with this game overall. It’s one of the most unique titles I’ve played in a long time. Only problem I really see in it is the overworld where moving around buildings or in your bike can be clunky. Wish it was more GTA-like when it came to that.

And Travis Touchdown is one of the best protagonist ever. Fuck everyone else. Travis is a true .

I’ll probably play the game on Bitter with the +New Game since I missed a trading card for which only come around once each game. I’ll also have to get all clothing set even the ones you find around the city along with the small handful of missions I don’t have gold medals for.

Maybe a review is in order.

I’ll have NMH+ as a side thing but right now I don’t know what game to put my focus on. I recently got done with Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and I ordered the next game, Trials and Tribulations, through Amazon. I also preordered Dissidia on Amazon too. Comes with like a free 10 track OST so it sounds good.

I also did a trade with WanderingMind. I gave him my Final Fantasy X-2 and it’s limited edition strategy guide and artbook for Bomberman 64, Bomberman Hero, both for N64 and Ridge Racer for PSP.

I’m suppose to be buying Blufin‘s PSP off of him but right now I hardly have any work so I have to wait a bit for that. ;_;

I still have Crisis Core and Chrono Trigger to tackle plus the 30 other games I need to but I’m gonna try to take my time with em but at least stay on a steady pace. Would be nice to see defeated before the end of the year….and my first anniversary for MotW.

Animu tiem.

Oh wow, a Nagi themed episode in my Hayate Season 2? More likely than…yea. Funny how the main heroine has been put to the side. Good Job, J.C. Staff. Or that’s at least what I would be saying if they didn’t refocus all the attention on a better character….but still.

Zetsubou Sensei is maintaining it’s satire love. Christmas chapter different from the usual.

Bakemonogatari’s charm is curving away from Koyomi and Hitagi’s “unclear” relationship and goes onto this little girl’s story. Mayoi’s lost. To Simply put it. Koyomi’s trying to help her and Hitagi is reluctant to do anything associated with her.

CANAAN lesbian love is shinning more than ever. Maria’s trying to understand Canaan’s past but doesn’t really think it through entirely. And we do learn about Canaan some more. Her abilities and how she’s been living with them since she was a child. Her mentor and her past tragedies along with enemies that aren’t fading away.

On thing that bothers me though is the overly cliche friendship theme in this anime is taking away from the good stuff like the action and actual plot. Kinda of a disappointment that won’t go away. If anything it’ll keep getting dragged to that theme more and more as the anime progresses.

Umineko is going at a steady pace. People keep dying yet no murderer is found. Now there’s basically a timeline type of prophecy that everyone is following. I’m hoping we get to physically see Beatrice soon.

Shit starts hitting the fan in Spice and Wolf II. Horo finds out about her hometown and has a mental breakdown. My the pic you can see how serious it is.

Kinda of a dry spot this season in anime.

Manga? Still haven’t read through Air Gear Vol. 1 and 2. Shana Vol. 4 is still on my dresser and Geass Vol.4 is on there too.

Reading wise, I finished Book I of The Godfather. I’m gonna take a little break until I continue on. Book I ends when Micheal kills Sollozo and the dirt cop. Now he’s off on an airplane to go into exile in Italy.

Blarg, only great thing about this week is No More Heroes really.

But a belated birthday mention to Noi, Spectro and Deadstorce.

UPDATE: So I just got Wandering Mind’s stuff in the mail. Thanks, Devon.
I also got Trials and Tribulations in the mail too. Good day is good but +3 Attack for .

Buk! Buk! Buk!


One Response to “Arc #011-The Filler Arc R2: IT FEELS SO GOOD!”

  1. Good luck with beating those remaining games. I’m trying to get my :U: down to 50 by the end of this year.

    Also, glad to hear that all three of my games made it to you safely. I should get Final Fantasy X-2 sometime tomorrow.

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