The Filler Arc R2: Season Finale

Well, this is it. This marks my last traditional post on DRE. You’re heartbroken and you’ve got questions, I know. Stop those tears and read on.

I’m not flat-out leaving or anything. I’m just migrating over to a new blog, Board the Platforms. As you may or may not have known, Arc was set to join DRE. That’d make eight people here. Count ’em. Eight people, one blog. Talk about crowded. Granted me and Mach are the only ones who usually update more than once every week or two, but still. That’s a bit too cluttered if you ask me.

That got a train of thought rolling and eventually the idea of starting another damn a group blog came about. Thus, Board the Platforms was born. Myself, Arcadios (Arc), BluFin (Blu), Linkman (Chris) and Zeta. The two main reasons I’m moving from DRE to BtP are 1) I figure this will be in everyone’s best interests (DRE goes down to 6 guys instead of going up to 8, so hopefully that encourages the other DRE ranters to post more now that I won’t be around), and 2) Chris, Zeta and Arc are all long-time friends of mine… and I mean long-time. “Years-before-The-Backloggery” long.

Yeah, I know I could do like Noi and post on two blogs, but I’d rather just stick to one and one alone, otherwise I’d no doubt resort to making copypasta posts down the line. As per Mach’s decision, all the content I’ve provided for DRE will remain intact. Rants, reviews, all of it.

If you’ll think back to the intro of this post, I said “last traditional post.” Mach’s got some ideas cooking for guest articles or something of the sort, so I doubt this is the last time you’ll see my post here period or anything.

Anyway, all that said… So long, DRE. Don’t be strangers, okay?

Originality is not my specialty so have some stale copy pasta.

Later, DRE. It’s been fun.

Details at Board the Platforms.


8 Responses to “The Filler Arc R2: Season Finale”

  1. 😦

    Really, don’t be a stranger.

  2. cool story bro

  3. I’ll miss you.

    Lawl, why did you strike everything?

    Took me forever to read that.

  4. I smell a lawsuit.

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