Nana #1 – Kaikan Phrase

Hihi, Nana here! ^-^ Well, as you can probably see… I’m new to the DRE crew.  I don’t play games. Actually, I don’t really like playing games, I have a good reason for that, if you could call it one. Anyway I will be doing manga reviews considering I just love reading manga. I mostly read shoujo. This first post is about… *drum roll please* KAIKAN PHRASE, also known as Sensual Phrase. It is about love, romance, music, and sex. This manga isn’t finished but there are quite a few chapters published. The art is… well, okay. No one sparkles. They should, though. -_- Now on to the review!

This manga starts off with Aine. She is a normal high school student, who just so happens to be entering a lyrics contest. Of course, like any typical shoujo manga, this is where the boy and the girl meet. Aine drops her lyrics on the street and almost gets hit by a car. No, no, no.. he didn’t come out of no where and “save her”. It was his car. So basically, he just stopped his car. This is where the scene gets heated. Sakuya, singer of Lucifer comes out of his car. He begins to ask her if she’s hurt. She lies, just cause he is a really hot guy. He REALLY is a hot guy. Anyway, he touches her leg, like everywhere, asking if she feels the pain there. Now my first impression of Aine was, well that she was a pervert. This is because, she begins getting all flustered. I just kept thinking to myself. What is wrong with this chick?

Now, let’s speed up a bit. He gives her a backstage pass to his concert and she shows up. He ends up singing the song she wrote. After the show, he proceeds to asking her to be Lucifer’s lyricist. She wants to accept and get close to him, but Lucifer’s manager convinces her not to. Aine realizes he is a famous person and there’s no way someone like her can mean anything to someone like him. Boo hoo. Who told her to fall in love at first sight? It may seem like I’m just hating on her but, I like her character very much. I didn’t like her at first cause I thought she was a tramp. I like her now, though.

Back to the story. Sakuya manages to convince her by kidnapping her. I wish he would kidnap me. >_>  He tells her, he’d let her leave if she agrees to be the lyricist. She quickly agrees.  After all, it is what she wanted. She becomes dumbfounded by the fact that she has to write perverted lyrics. This is because she is still a virgin.  He tells her “I’ll inspire you with my body”. Pervert part time. He basically is just holding her, kinda strips her a bit. Then he ridicules her a bit for being a virgin. His whole reason for that was to make her think perverted thoughts, to write lyrics.

So far this is the summary for like 1 and a half chapters. I have read all the available chapters this manga has to offer. I highly recommend reading Kaikan Phrase. It may seem like it’s long but, there is not one dull chapter. After reading a few chapters, I found myself wanting to read it all. Now, don’t think Kaikan Phrase is all about sex. It has its heart wrenching moments. I teared up once.  Like any other shoujo manga, Aine and Sakuya end up together.  Sakuya leaves his players ways and falls in love with Aine . He chooses her and only her. Now for the rest, you’ll just have to read it yourself =DD. I rate Kaikan Phrase a 7 out of 10.


6 Responses to “Nana #1 – Kaikan Phrase”

  1. Hey Nana! Welcome to DRE! Also, the art for this Kaikan Phase looks kinda creepy… D:

    Especially that dude on the bottom left corner. … D:

    • Pretty much that.

      I never understood these lovey-dovey mangas. All the guys look the same and look like they have the eyes of a rapist or something.

      • ohu.

        I used to love reading shoujo manga years ago, but then it got to the point where either the hero or heroine ticked me off, the concept was predictable and generic, things never ended up how I liked it, I ended up reading it for the sake of masochism.

        So yeah, I stopped.

        I do read them occasionally, though. But she’s killed my shoujo manga ..liking, so to speak. Lawl.

      • Everything that Mach and Tenks said is why I can never get into shoujo manga.

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