Ren #29 – We aren’t summer people.


So yeah. Tales of VS. is out. And of course, like the cheap, inconsiderate, despicable, little asshole I am, I decided to attempt to pirate it. But that’s only because it’s not yet out in America. I had an extreme desire to play the game immediately, so I went ahead and downloaded the .ISO (basically, the game) and threw it on my PSP. I anticipated engaging in the game eagerly, but of course, my thirty-minute dream was crushed. Way to go, Namdai! Anti-piracy block things FOR THE WIN.

Custom firmware is an asshole. It hates me. And god dammit, Namdai USA, bring ToVS here already. I WANT TO PLAY IT OH SO BAD. And use my supercilious kung-fu combo. I’D LIKE TO CALL SENEL AND FARAH THE MISUNDERSTOOD HERO AND HEROINE OF THE CENTURY. (Although, that’s actually not the case at all.)

And also, I’m bringing a new review format to the table. Of course, my little brain has to work on it. Sit tight if you care enough to read my reviews. Meh, writing my reviews in my rants kind of defeats the purpose of my “Violin Grinding” category.

WHATEVER, someday.

Nana is sleeping, so I can’t call her and bother her.

Oh – before I start ranting about whatever, I’m planning on attending the New York Anime Festival next month, hopefully with Chao (Did I even ask you? I asked Ska, lawl.) and a few friends. THAT’S RIGHT, DEV NANA, WE’RE GOING. I’ve never really been to one before, so hopefully it won’t suck.

So after beating Star Ocean: First Departure, I decided to give Star Ocean 2: The Second Story a go. I’ve played it several times in the past, just haven’t actually gotten to er, get into it.

So my first day of college was yesterday, it was terrible.

Boring. as. hell. And the lone wolf in me just won’t die. I’M NOT EMO, just.. unmotivated.

But oh well, I just ordered my books. I really hope I get them soon, I should have done it before hand. SILLY FRESHMAN, I AM. I’m trying to find an anime club, but school just started, and so far, it proves to be rather difficult. But then, there’s a club fair on the 9th, so HOPEFULLY, I’LL FIND ONE. If not, I’ll just make one, lawl. AND WALK AROUND CAMPUS WITH PICKET SIGNS.

I don’t know what we’ll do, though. I GUESS WE’LL JUST WATCH ANIME, LAWL. Mix in gaming, of course.

Wednesday has to be the worst. I have a huge ass 5-hour gap between two of my classes. It’s all because I refuse to have classes on Tuesday. AND I NEED TO FIND A WEEKEND JOB, DAMMIT. Life sure is coming at me fast.

Anyway, I just made this post because there hasn’t been one in ages. We aren’t summer people, apparently.

I still haven’t gotten my laptop back, it crashed from a virus some time ago.

Hopefully, someone else will post soon.


2 Responses to “Ren #29 – We aren’t summer people.”

  1. Welcome to reality. :3

    I’m definitely not a summer person either when it comes to posting. I’ll definitely get something up, because I said in one of the streams I was doing something interesting with some Pokemon Gijinka stuff.

  2. I was going to type up something this week, and then I realized I have 4 college papers to do.


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