Mach #62 – A New School Year…

… Means a whole new slew of complaints from yours truly, as well as being able to update a little more often on some of the shit I want to do during the semester. Thursdays seem to be my longest days, so I can definitely blow a lot of time into making blog entries and planning out some attacks on my backlog as well.

School update? At the moment this sentence was typed, it’s 5:23 PM EST. I’ve been here since 9:30 AM for classes. One at 9:30, another at 12:30, and my most recent one at 2:00. I’m loving my first class because of how awesome the teacher is, I fell asleep through the next two and I have one last class in about a half hour. Sports Writing. Lovely. I just wanna get out of here already.

Anyway, gaming updates. I sadly bought Sonic The Hedgehog for the 360. Many know this game as Sonic 06. I’m damn well aware of how bad this game is and everyone, including myself, wonders why the hell I even bothered to get it. I can’t exactly explain why. I’m just really compelled to it though. Somehow I’ll finish this game.

I recently picked up Mass Effect as well. $10 on clearance at Target was enough for me to impulse buy it. I tried it once before after borrowing it from a friend, but it fell through after I got a little bored with it. Maybe if I spend a little more time with it, I might be able to get further this time. I’m willing to give the game a fair shot before I sell it.

I can’t really think of much else on my part though… I reserved Tekken 6 a while ago, but I’m kinda torn whether or not I want to get the fight stick with it. The Street Fighter IV Tournament Fight Stick is a nice piece of hardware and I’m actually tempted to pick one up myself after a friend of mine purchased it and I finally got to sit down with it myself. It would be great for when I get Tekken and stuff as well as other games.

I also plan to replace my Wii some time soon. After the disc catcher went to shit, the same friend who bought the fight stick, as well as a new 360 that day, was planning to sell his Wii as well. So I jumped on it before he decided to sell it to Gamestop. If he follows through with the $150 he said, I’d be getting a really good deal out of this. A Wii with Punch-Out!!, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Samba de Amigo. Quite possibly his controllers as well. So this is looking good.

Also, random question of interest. As I’ve mentioned before in a couple of entries, I now write for my school paper. I already told my adviser, that I was going to write a feature article about Gaming on a College Budget. As gamers who like to buy things cheap, I’d like some input about sites you go to and what you do to search for games, may they be old or new. Don’t go the common route either… Clearance Bin, Cheap Ass Gamer… I’m already covering that. I want some tips and tricks from the rest of you, if you would so nicely recommend me some more options and stuff.

Anyway, I swear I’ll have more substantial updates soon. Gotta run to class in a bit.

Until then, later~


2 Responses to “Mach #62 – A New School Year…”

  1. Mass Effect starts to heat up after the Citadel. Just tolerate that and you’ll be able to enjoy it.

    As for your paper, you could say.. AVOID eBay. It really doesn’t snag you any good deals, going to a clearance bin can actually be rather cheaper than purchasing some games from eBay. But then again, it depends on the game you’re planning to purchase. I used to purchase PSOne games from eBay.. ie: Wild ARMs, Wild ARMs 2, FFVIII.

    Ever since I purchased a moderated PSOne and downloaded PSX for the PC, I don’t care for purchasing much of anything aside from PS3 and 360 games, anyway, so whatever.

  2. If you wind up getting the Wii, I must play Samba de Amigo. I’ve been dying to try this game.

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