Mach #63 – A serious considersation

While I am ranting in this, I’ll also label this an announcement. I’ve seen many people come and go on this blog. Mainly due to overcrowding and all that other stuff, when in the reality of the situation, we only have about three active posters (Myself, Noi, and Ren). I’ve been considering it for a while. Mainly, if Sousuke and Nana don’t make a post within the next two weeks or so, they’re off the blog. Why am I not including Reb in that? I actually enjoy his essay of a post. I’m not mad at him at all because when he does post, it’s something significant. PLUS, he’s also brought traffic to my blog because of his Dissidia preview stuff. I’m basically just tired of people saying that there’s too many people here when there’s really no one here and there’s more than enough room for them.

I do want this to be an active blog though. I’ve usually been inspired to update myself if I see that other ranters are updating as well. Makes me want to keep up the pace and stuff. But after Dan and Arc left, the fire kinda died down and I kinda thought to myself, “Is there really any point in doing this anymore?”

I dunno though. If we are going to go through a re-structuring, then I might want to move on to another theme. New theme? New outlook on the blog?

Well, updates with myself? I picked up Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise. I basically wanted something quick to play and stuff and watching Hojo and Moku play it, I grew interested. Figured it was worth checking out and stuff.

I haven’t done much in terms of actual gaming because it’s either I’m at school or I’m working. It kinda blows, but whatever, that’s life.

I dunno, next update might be a Claw Marks because of all the music I’ve been listening to lately… Just can’t really think of anything to say right now. I suppose because it’s late or whatever.

Sorry for the lame update, but I thought that I should get that out there about this blog and the “overcrowding” issue.

Until then, later~


7 Responses to “Mach #63 – A serious considersation”

  1. Err, yeah. I keep meaning to make a post, but it either always slips my mind, or I don’t really have any content. That, and I’ve been fairly busy. I’d like to stay on, though! I’ll make a post sometime this week, I swear it. :ahoy:

  2. I feel kinda bad, so I’ll probably make a post tonight or tomorrow anyway. *need to replay Mother 3*

  3. Yeah, I don’t think Nana cares, so.

    Anyway, new theme already?

  4. What’ll it be this time? :O

    Dissidia? :ahoy:

  5. It’s all good, Sousuke. I just need a sign that you’re alive. At least post something soon. Even if it’s not that much.

    Hahaha, it could be Dissdia. Make Kasumi jealous for leaving. :3

    I was seriously considering some BlazBlue though. Sprites seem to work well for us.

    I dunno though, I just want a fresh outlook on the blog and stuff. I might consider wiping some of the guest stuff though. I’ll run it my Dan, Arc, and Spec about us being alright about deleting their stuff. 😐

  6. If it’s either Dissidia or BlazBlue, I’m dooown. I’m not really feeling the GG cause I’m not even a fan, I just like how some of the characters look.

  7. Wow, well, consider me out this theme then. I’ll only help with the banner if my assistance is needed.

    What a pain, it wasn’t too long ago that I worked on this stupid theme by myself. -_- With the help of Arc and Linkman for color scheme.

    But oh well, if we’re gonna refresh, might as well get a new theme.

    I was thinking Dissidia, too.

    I call Noel or Terra in advance!

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