Noi #16 – WTB: Vidya Patience +8

Augh, where has my time gone.

Really, I wish I had the time and patience I had back in the day to sit down, shut everything out and just play a game from start to finish. Now I’m plagued with worries in the back of my head, like “You have that book report to finish!” or “There’s still 30 questions you need to answer!”. And going back and forth between trying to play and worrying about other things, I end up getting nothing done at all, either in the game or with the things I’m worrying about. It’d help if the game I was playing didn’t fall under any of the following categories:

  • Failed to draw me in as I thought it would. (Example: Devil Summoner 2)
  • Is widely regarded as a pretty terrible game. (Example: Lair, Baten Kaitos.)
  • An RPG. (No example needed.)
  • A Sonic game. (Why did I suddenly get so many of the 3D ones.)

If it were up to me, I’d close up my backlog and say NO MORE NEW GAMES UNTIL BEATEN. But with Scribblenauts, Kingdom Hearts DS, Demon’s Souls, Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, Uncharted II and Persona PSP around the corner, I can’t help myself but keep my backlog open for a little while longer… Even if having 69 unfinished games is amusing.

Nothing new of the /v/ front. Still hacking away at that Dissidia: Final Fantasy, grinding, unlockan and playan against my college buds. That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been playing as of the last few weeks, with some slight Patapon and Rhythm Heaven once in a blue moon. Still need to get all-perfects on the latter, but Moai Do-Whoop 2 is being ridiculous.

Anyway, I’m just about done, so here, have some “Knights of Persona” Persona 4 MAD. Spoilers in video, so watch at your own risk.

lol, 69.


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