Mach #65 – It never ceases to amaze me.

Have I bitched enough about my job yet? Nah, you could never bitch about your job too much. So, working Sunday, I’ve realized a couple things.

1. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me as far as analytical skills.

For example, we have The Fast and The Furious: Super Bikes in our arcade. Two linked cabinets and recently the other one hasn’t been working all that great, leaving one machine in working condition. Like many of our arcade machines, the coin slot catcher has been on the fritz, meaning it just eats up tokens and stuff. I had numerous amounts of people come up to me and complain to me saying that the machine ate their tokens. From what I’ve observed, they only put it into the right slot. HAVE THEY EVER CONSIDERED USING THE OTHER COIN SLOT? THERE ARE TWO OF THEM.

Ugh… I happens on pretty much every game in the arcade…

2. People in general are just stupid.

Here, along with the arcade’s horribly tacky carpeting, is our Tsuguri cabinet. Some might know this game in English as Blade of Honor. You’d be amazed at how many people can’t play this game. As you could see here, the game uses the pedal to advance the game as well as defend and stuff. THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE COMPLETELY IGNORED THE PEDAL AND STEPPED ON THE PLATFORM IN FRONT OF IT TO PLAY THE GAME. THE PEDAL IS THERE FOR A FUCKING REASON.

It just makes me think about how people’s minds work. And lawl for Konami making a better sword game than Ubisoft did. Lawl Red Steel.

Anyway, I picked up a couple of games over the weekend. Remember I mentioned that I wanted the Naruto games on the 360? I got em’. Both of them. I actually have to say, the games are pretty impressive. For being an anime game, they managed to make this one pretty good. You get to see the expansive landscape that is the Leaf Village and have the option of Japanese voice acting, so you don’t have to hear “BELIEVE IT” over and over again… Unless you have a serious boner for “DATTEBAYO” instead. I’m happy with the purchases either way.

I also picked up my third copy of Soul Calibur II. Had to replace my PS2 version a while back and when I discovered you could play it on the 360 as well, I figured to pick it up for the reason that I could practice for the arcade. I have like 12xx wins and 270ish losses at the arcade I work at for Conquest Mode, so yeah… I need to make my character tougher to beat.

Anyway, I like how everyone has been updating again. It’s refreshing seeing a new post every other day. 🙂

Plus, god dammit, Reb. Post already. >:|

Until then, later~


3 Responses to “Mach #65 – It never ceases to amaze me.”

  1. BAAAW.


    Anyway, how’s about we get started on that new theme already, EH?

  2. Looks like the same three people postin’ every other day now.
    So who’s getting fired?

  3. eltipejoloco Says:

    The guy who has never posted.

    I mean oh shi-

    Ah, by the way, Tenks: Sending you something that I drew last night while Derk and such watched.

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