Today is my religious holiday. Happy Eid! Although, frankly, I couldn’t care less. It just gives me a fucking excuse to wake up early on Sunday, which I have a rather strong aggression towards. Waking up early really sucks. This also reminds me that I need to work on Loco’s characterset thing.. SO GET TO CHOOSING WHOM YOU WANT. Just until we move onto that next theme. I need to download Photoshop CS3 again. o_o Got my laptop back, afterall.

Oh, I know this doesn’t remotely relate to gaming in any way, but I’m reading a book called Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. It’s really fucked up and twisted. Simply because it’s like you’re jumping into the mind of a pedophile. It’s… apparently where the terms “loli” and “lolicon” derive from. Oh, Japan. Although, this originated from Russia, lawl. It’s basically about a middle-aged man that becomes quite obsessed and fascinated with a 12-year old girl. He lusts after her and has fantasies about her. He’s into little girls.. it’s really, urgh. I’m only about 70-pages in so far.

ANYWAY. Gaming.

I beat Dissidia. Pretty much grinded Cloud to the 90’s, so the final boss wasn’t that difficult. Surprisingly, grinding is rather simple in that game, not very time consuming, either. It’s actually quite fun. Well, to me, anyway. >_> It urged me to play the rest of the Final Fantasies, but that’s kind of a stretch. They’re really time consuming, and I’m really lazy. But I’ll do my best!

Which brings me to Final Fantasy VI. Yeah, yo, totally still playin’ that game. It’s fun. For being the main character, Terra doesn’t really show up much. Or maybe it’s because I’m only like 9 hours in. Everyone seems to debate about who’s the main character of FFVI, but the plot revolves around Terra.. and she was also featured as the main for FFVI in Dissidia.. so I’m just going to label her as the main character. Locke is cool and all, but he’s really.. boring.

I just finished up the Opera House segment of the game. Jesus, that shit wasn’t fun at all. I had to go back and fetch Edgar to add onto my team. ; – ; I want my Terra back!~

I need to start up Persona 4 again.. I left off somewhere… after Yukiko’s castle.

Oh, games. How I neglect you so!


3 Responses to “Ren #31 – SO LET ME COME TO YOU.”

  1. Is the title from FF8? D:

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