Mach #66/Dissidirage Weekly #1 – A VOICE FROM THE PAST

Joining yours and mine… Deleting all the layers of Backloggery~

[edit @ 3:45pm – 9/26] I’ve decided to do another little segment for myself here on the blog called Dissidirage Weekly. Each week, I’ll be updating my current status in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, as well as where I rank characters in that point in time as well. However, I will be separating the Heroes and Villains. Probably at the end of each month, I’ll be combining the lists and ranking where I play as each and stuff. The edit is just to note of me combining this rant as well as noting the first of Dissidirage Weekly.

Alright, that’s enough singing. I’ve been going on a kind of purge fest on my Backloggery as of yesterday. It’s mainly to reflect games that are no longer in my possession and stuff I’ve downloaded and abandoned since then. There’s a couple of games still ed, but I’ll live with them being ed for now.

Anyway, to the more important things.

For those of you who MIGHT’VE noticed it, I added another page to the About Us page. Simply called Random Questions. Every so often, I (or someone else) could toss a random question for the rest of us to answer. I decided to start off with a simple question about the history of our usernames, so Ranters, check it out when you can, alright? I’m interested in knowing the history of some of your usernames.

Oh shi-, Dissidia rant. Hit the jump.So Dissidia: Final Fantasy has been crack for me lately whether or not I actually like to admit it. I’m sure playing this game for about 17 hours now should say something. I have a couple of story modes left to complete, but otherwise, I’m trying to find out who I want to eventually main. I haven’t touched many of the villains, but I could easily deduct who I want to use. I’m no pro at this game and all the chat about the characters might or might not make too much sense, but this my opinion anyway. This opinion list will reflect my views on each character as of September 23rd 2009. Opinons are bound to change when I play more of the game:

The Heroes of Dissidia... Wait... Where have I heard this before...?

The Heroes of Dissidia... Wait... Where have I heard this before...?

Mach Approves Of:

Cecil (Final Fantasy IV) – I seem to have a lot of fun with him. Plus, despite not finishing the game yet, I’ve already gone through his story twice now. About 90% completed now? I’m a fan of his Dark Knight form and I suppose it’s my thing about being a close-range fighter that actually makes me like him as a character. On top of that, his DK form has some ranged attacks that even if blocked could still damage the opponent, so maining him is a strong possibility.

Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) – He’s definitely a beginner’s character. Easy to use and all that other good stuff, but he’s a character that really shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Couple of awesome close-range attacks makes me like using him more. Definitely want to spend more time using him.

Zidane (Final Fantasy IX) – I’m not 100% percent convinced on him, but as a mid-air fighter, he definitely is fun to play as. Because of all his mid-air and chase stuff, it made completing his story just a bit easier. I could be sold on him if I use him more, but we’ll see.

Terra (Final Fantasy VI) – Oh boy, Mach chose a ranged fighter? I actually had a lot of fun using her. I breezed through her story pretty quickly. I suppose as being a close-range fighter, she could potentially balance out my mains and subs. I’m pretty sure when I get her other cheap attacks I could get good with her as well.

Mach is on the Fence about:

Firion (Final Fantasy II) – Ugh… Going through his story mode was a nightmare considering his only HP attack was Straightarrow. I do believe Loco when he says that he gets a lot better when he get Weapon Master, but I’m not completely sold on him yet. I do like him as a character and I want to work with him a bit more, but with his current attacks, I’m a little pessimistic about it. x__x

Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) – I mean, as a close range fighter, Kasumi says that I should like him… I dunno, I do like him as a close-range fighter, but I’m just not completely sold on him. I can’t really put my finger on what I don’t like, but he’s not horrible by any stretch.

Tidus (Final Fantasy X) – I didn’t have too much of a hassle beating his story mode, but I do agree with everyone that his moves are just a little too inaccurate for his own good. Spiral Cut keeps going and you leave yourself completely open when you miss and Energy Rain is just a pain in the ass because of the air lag if you miss. I do like playing as him though. I just hope working with him will get better over time.

Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy I) – I’ve only played his tutorial level and that’s the only time I’ve gotten to play with him since I plan to finish his Destiny Odyssey last. I mean, he’s alright, but it seems like it takes a lot of work to get good with him.

Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III) – He might move to my approval list at a later time. As his description says, he’s a nice balance of close and far range and I seem to like playing as him so far as I currently progress through his chapter.

Mach disapproves of:

Bartz (Final Fantasy V) – So how many times did I lose to Golbez last night? It was just a trainwreck with me trying to beat the game with him. I mean… Ugh… I just didn’t have too much fun with him. As of right now, he’s the only character I disapprove of using.

So there’s my list so far. It will change the more I blast time into this, but we’ll see what happens. I’ll definitely refer back to this list when the time comes.

In other gaming news, I got rid of a bunch of games in my Backlog and picked up Halo 3: ODST. Not really too much to say about it. I enjoy the campaign and that’s about all I could say about it right now. Otherwise, not much else.

Anyway, this is going on too long.

Until then, later~


16 Responses to “Mach #66/Dissidirage Weekly #1 – A VOICE FROM THE PAST”

  1. Bartz is a complete and utter pain in the ass to use at first, due to the lack of versatile moves at the beginning. He gets a lot better after a while though. Heck, he’s the one characters seem to have the most trouble against whenever I use him.

    I should really up and finish up my review/how to play guide.

    • Please do. It seems like Dissidia is a huge hit with this blog.

      If I’m not mistaken, EVERYONE in this blog plays/is playing the game, so it would be quite relevant.

  2. MANCRUSH~! :Db

    But no Cecil is a lot of fun and as is Zidane. I think you’ll warm up to WoL when you play his actual Odyssey. I totally feel you Bartz though, he is way to “all over the place” for me. >.>

  3. I liked Firion. o_o


  5. I’m definitely going to play through Cecil’s story mode first before I do anything else. Why? Because he’s my favorite main character.

    I dunno, I only use Zidane and Bartz… and Ultimecia…. and Sephiroth.

    Unfortunately, I returned the PSP to its rightful owner. …so I'm not playing Dissidia right now.

  7. ElTipejoLoco Says:

    Loco is currently playing as Cloud of Darkness. I hated doing so until I got her 0-type Particle Beam. Now I can swallow my enemies in a cloak of shadows… and LASER BEAMS. Good stuff.

    But that aside, we really need to talk about the theme, peeps. I may be doodling Dissidia stuff, but do we want a Dissidia theme? I have ideas to toss around. GIVE ME MY IDEA TENNIS OPPONENT.

    • As mentioned, we could go with a Dissdia styling. At this point, I wouldn’t even mind just having one static avatar.

      I just need everyone in the blog to send you a picture so you have something to work off of and stuff.

      Also, Loco, talk to Tenks about getting a character set in the meantime so at least you could post and stuff.

  8. Lol, Dissidirage? I guess you’re planning to really play the shit out of Dissidia, huh?

    • Oh yeah, It’s the only PSP game, I physically own.

      Might as well go all out. I do enjoy it a lot as well. It’s the most time I’ve spent on a game as of recently anyway.

  9. … you did not just reference Melodies of Life. ><

    Also, lol Dissidia Rage

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