Len #32 – Another :U: for the B-LOG!

c wut I did thar?

Anyway, before I update on whatever I’ve done this past week, I’m going to do a stupid girl rant. So.. I got this god damn fucking hair straightener on Friday. It was great. My hair looked awesome. A bit too emo, though. I decided to tone it down, but anyway, it’s fun messing with a hair straightener. I washed my hair, then I tried straightening it again, it was fine.. but it looked too normal. The god damn back of my hair keeps curving at the edges, no matter how many times I try to straighten it, it won’t stop. ._. God damn it. It doesn’t look that bad. But still. I bought it so that my hair wouldn’t curve at the edges. ; – ; ANYWAY, gamesz + anime.

Contains spoilers on FFVI, CANAAN, and Saki. Read at your own risk (though I doubt people will read this post, anyway.).

I’m pretty much at the end of FFVI at this point. Yay, it will be the 2nd mainstream FF game I’ll have beaten. šŸ˜€ Only like, 9 more.. at least until XIII comes out. ._. I don’t count XI.

I’m actually contemplating on who to use when I go to fight Kefka. According to Reb, in Kefka’s Tower, I’m supposed to split up into three teams. I might go with these: Terra, Sabin, Cyan, Edgar (Main Party), Locke, Celes, Gogo, SetzerĀ (Other Party), Strago, Relm, Mog (Useless Party that I’ll avoid battles with). YES, I KILLED OFF SHADOW AND DID NOT GET UMARO, STFU. I wonder, I managed to recruit Mog on my team in the World of Ruin, can I do the same with Umaro? Apparently, if I missed Mog, I missed Umaro. But I didn’t miss Mog. D:

I really wish I waited for Shadow, though.. he was a badass.

I might just hurry up and finish this soon, I have to move on. Next on my list is probably Tales of Destiny and Folklore. I need something to do during my free time at school and I also need to stop neglecting my PS3. However, before that, I SHOULD STOP NEGLECTING MY STUDIES (like right now) READ WHAT I NEED TO READ AND GET WHAT I NEED TO GET DONE, but alas, I am lazy. But, shit – getting As on all of my English papers always makes my morning, dood. šŸ˜€

I’ve pretty much played all of the Final Fantasy mainstream games, just haven’t beaten them. Actually – almost all. Still have to try out FFV. It looks really unappealing, though. >_>

Bartz seems like a fun guy, though.. I couldn’t stand Cecil’s personality.

Oh, CANAAN. I didn’t really like the ending at all, it felt kind of rushed. At least say goodbye to Maria in a decent way, Canaan. I was actually kind of hoping that Maria would die.. but then, Canaan would kill herself. They acted so gay, I was convinced the anime would turn into a yuri or something.

Anyway, the last episode felt REAAALLY rushed. Like, in the prior episode, Canaan was like a whole other person.

Episode 12: Canaan was going crazy, practically. She was being overwhelmed with guilt and crazy worried about Maria, convinced that she had to save her life at any cost. Alphard was a sarcastic, cynical badass. The episode ends with a cliffhanger.

Episode 13: The train explodes, Canaan screams out “MARIA!” All of a sudden, she stares at Alphard, not with vengeance or hate, but hope. It really came out of nowhere. All of this talk about Maria being Canaan’s “light” and then she suddenly says, “Maria is not my light. She’s a friend.” What? Stop contradicting yourself.

But anyway, I wish they at least said their goodbyes to each other. Maria just ended up in the hospital and Canaan left, that was it. But, it’s pretty much implied that Canaan can’t protect Maria if she’s around her, because she’s always getting herself into dangerous shit and Maria gets dragged into it and becomes the damsel. Poor, useless child.

I was getting tired of that whole “YOU ARE MY LIGHT, YOU SHINE SO BRIGHTLY,” shit anyway. No one fuckingĀ speaks like that, it felt kind of unrealistic.

Oh well, I likedĀ Canaan’s quote at the end.

“Bang. That’s mine.”

Saki. Saki is an anime about mahjong. Now, I really don’tĀ  understand the whole concept of mahjong, but I guess this anime has pretty much taught me more about it and stuff. At least the fundamentals, anyway. It was pretty interesting, to say the least. Aside from the hoards of gay subtext.

I watched it for the voice actors. With the ending, I’m expecting a season two. Also, what the hell is with Saki and Nodoka? They act like such newly-weds, jesus. *BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH*

Well, the summer anime season has pretty much ended (or IS ending) this week.. or last week, whatever. Anyway, soon the fall anime season will be starting up, so it’s time to take a look at those new, upcoming anime. Check out Chartfag Ā for a really good list of fall’s upcoming anime.

I’ve already got my eyes on some, but I don’t feel like listing them now. Rushing the closing to my post, I have to go do my english paper.



8 Responses to “Len #32 – Another :U: for the B-LOG!”

  1. Honestly, I didn’t think FFV was all that great until I actually sat down to played it. It pretty much an upgraded FFIII, but with an actual cast and pretty damn fun gameplay. And, the cast ends up being a lot more interesting than it is at first glance. All in all, it’s not as SRS BSNESS as the other games, but that’s one of the things I rather like about it.

  2. FFV, from what I’ve played of it so far, is pretty good. The fact you could just mix and match character class abilities is a plus within itself.

    In other words, having a Monk that could perform White Magic is pretty awesome.

  3. what kind of a monster lets Shadow die? what kind, i ask!


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