Mach #67 – Busy week coming to a close…

And I seriously can’t wait for it to happen. I re-installed Safari to help out with something on my computer and I couldn’t help but notice all the old links I still had. This just so happened to be one of them. So for this post, I’m throwing it REALLY far back. So far, that this was the banner I used before Disc Read Error: Insert Disc 2 was revived. I forgot how simple the banner actually was. I actually like it a lot now that I think about it.

So significant Dissidia progress was made once I got home earlier this evening. Since it was my bonus day, I figured it would be a great day to go and level up the only character who seems to matter right now… Which in this case is Cecil. So in the course of an hour, Level 38 to Level 51. And I’m still nowhere near done with the game… Dammit. I’ll get this done within the next week or so. Definitely gotta take advantage of my Bonus Days more.

: Recently just beat Naruto: Path of a Ninja on stream. After I got that ONE combo I kept repeating, ever battle seemed easy. At that point, I just wanted to finish it up as quickly as I could. Otherwise, a very solid game. Even for a Naruto game, I liked this one quite a bit. The adventure aspect was actually pretty cool, but those traps plagued around the town can go suck a serious cock. I have NO idea how many times those things killed me. This village is WAY too protected. I’m working on Nartuo: The Broken Bond next. Might just have to start this one over because I have NO idea what the hell I’m doing anymore.

While I really have nothing else to say, I’m going to advertise for a bit. This could be relevant to people’s interests, so I suppose it’s worth posting. A friend of mine is selling off a couple games that he owns. He has a fairly good collection of NES, SNES, and PSX games, so check out what he’s selling and if you’re interested in something that he has, hit me up with a PM on the Backloggery, I’ll give you his e-mail so you could inquire stuff with him… Although keep your hands off of Suikoden II, Final Fantasy VII, and Brave Fencer Musashi. He has those on hold for me. Otherwise, I believe everything else is open to inquire about.

Check out what he has to sell: [ link ]

Anyway, I’m just about done for the night.

Until then, later~


5 Responses to “Mach #67 – Busy week coming to a close…”


  2. I lost that, dude.

  3. This cool kid is already getting MMII, Metroid, and SMB3 for $12. Good shit. 🙂

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