Mach #68 – Urgent

So urgent, I left work for about 5 minutes just to make this post without avatars.

I need an opinion. Was Star Ocean: Til’ the End of Time a good game?

Input would be greatly appreciated.

Until then, later~


5 Responses to “Mach #68 – Urgent”

  1. But you’ll still buy it, anyway.

  2. If you’re gonna get an SO, get SO4.

  3. I haven’t played SO3, but my friend AlucardsFate had this to say:

    “Star Ocean: Till The End of Time is garbage. In it’s most pure RPG form. I don’t trade in games ever…in fact the number of games I have sold in my lifetime sits at 6. IN MY LIFE. SO:TTEOT is one of those six. Imagine a game about a boring cookie cutter, “I’m Determined!” sword swinging RPG protagonist. Then put him in a sci-fi universe…with a real time battle system that doesn’t work. Since it’s real time you can only control one person at a time…the rest of them are handled by the AI. And the AI is incredibly stupid. The person your controlling will typically spend all of his/her time healing the others…cause they just run into the enemies attacks and do little else. While it does offer 4 different AI settings…none of them feel any different from the others…and they aren’t even listed as anything specific like “Aggressive”…if I remember right…they are like these phrases…I dunno what was supposed to be what…but I remember that none of them worked.”

    (originally posted on hcammg’s page)

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