Ren #33 – Feelin’ that winter breeze..

I suppose I should make a post considering I haven’t made one since the end of September. This blog is really dead. I blame all of you, including myself. You included, Mach. But I love each and every one of you. 😦 Anyway, loco can post if he wants to now, considering I’ve finally made his “posting sprites”.. or whatever you’d like to call them.

I’m sure you all can guess that school keeps most of us rather busy. Which reminds me, I have an interview tomorrow. I don’t know what for, though. The guy phoned me up with a  private number just as I was about to attend my class. I basically heard mumbling and then he told me to meet him at Dunkin Donuts tomorrow. How shady. Which reminds me, I have to pick out clothes. ._.

Anyway, gaming progress? Well, from the time frame of the end of September to just about now, I’ve beaten Final Fantasy VI. Since I honestly don’t have much to talk about, I’ll just talk about that. Well, yeah. I found the final dungeon of the game to be extensively annoying, hence I kept it on-hold for a rather brief period of time before consulting Sobou. He gave me some freaking awesome tips, saved me from grinding, also (hell, I didn’t even need the grinding).

Anyway, my three teams for the final dungeon were: (1) Terra, Cyan, Locke, Setzer. (2) Edgar, Sabin, Umaro, Gogo. (3) Mog, Celes, Strago, Gau. Too bad I let Shadow die.

It was a swell game. This accomplishment ultimately leads me to beating two out of twelve (I am counting XIII and not XI) mainstream titles in the Final Fantasy franchise. Fuck yarr. VI and VIII down. I, II, III, IV, V, VII, IX, X, XII, and XIII to go. (Don’t worry, by the time XIII comes out, I’ll have only beaten about [at the most] two more mainstream titles..)

Which leads me to my next rant, Final Fantasy V!

With the beating (I refrain from the use of the word “completing” as my joining of the Backloggery has since deluded the meaning of the word for me) of FFVI, it gave me a surge of Noi’s “Final Fantasy Marathon”.. of course, that won’t last. But, anyway, I felt the need to get more into the series. I’ve pretty much played all of the Final Fantasies now.. I believe… however, I have only beaten two. What a shame.

I started FFV. However, I have a feeling that it will take a while to beat. Why? Well, I’m lazy. And I don’t like the job system. Believe me, the simplistic story intrigues me more than one might think. But anyway, I don’t like the job system. Don’t ask why, I’m quite unsure of that myself.

I’m off to find the Fire Crystal. obtw, my main character’s name is Butts. lol.

Oh, oh. I’ve also started Folklore. I can safely say that this game is fulfilling my expectations (although I expected the story to be much more compelling or at least remotely interesting..) with the gameplay. It feels pretty good to beat the shit out of monsters with other (possibly weaker) monsters and then absorbing them and using them as weapons. It feels like Pokemon. IT DRIVES THE SOUL.

Anyway, I think I need some sleep. Bai. See you again in a few months, probably. (to those who actually read my posts, that is.)


3 Responses to “Ren #33 – Feelin’ that winter breeze..”

  1. This post is no longer ronery.

  2. I have no excuse for not posting either. This semester is driving me batshit.


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