Mach #71 – An Update?

Yeah, we’re due for one anyway. First to note, I completely forgot about the Custom CSS expiring this month, so at the moment, we’re back at the original default theme with no fancy colors. Because I actually somewhat still give a damn about this blog and I’m due for something interesting sooner or later, I’ll actually be purchasing another year of Custom CSS when I get the extra cash to do so.

I have to thank Sousuke/Yggdrasilly for providing us with the Custom CSS this past year. You transferred it out from your old blog and gifted it to us. I really do appreciate that you did that for this blog even though at this point the whole Backloggery blog scene is kinda dying now.

This just means we need a new theme soon. Even if Loco can’t draw everything for us yet. I’m up for anything,

So what’s been up with me as of lately? A whole lot less console gaming, a lot more arcade gaming.

My current gaming crack addiction? DJMAX Technika.

One of my favorite songs in the game by the popular K-Pop group, Clazziquai Project. I wish that I could find a video that’s a lot less crappy than that one, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Anyway, concept of the game, it’s a touch screen game, you respond to all the notes accordingly, yada yada yada. Due to the recent addition of the online service at the arcade I play this at, I’ve been indulging myself a lot more in this game. I’ve had a blast with it.

Too bad I’ve fallen out of In The Groove 2 so badly. 😐

Another game I’ve been on an off with recently over there is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. The latest installment of the BlazBlue series. The game is still as gorgeous as ever with the addition of two new characters, Tsubaki-Yayoi and Hazama. I’m a Tager main, so that’s pretty much the only character I’ve been playing. I could immediately tell the game was balanced and as broken as Tager’s damage dealing is, it still is.

Much fun though. Much fun.

As far as console gaming goes, DJ Hero and a lot of Tekken 6. I still need to beat DJ Hero though.

Anyway, friends are over.

Until then, later~


3 Responses to “Mach #71 – An Update?”

  1. Haha, it’s ok, we’re gonna play a shitton of ITG this friday oh yes

  2. Heh, I actually saw the notice the day before it expired, and was considering purchasing another year, but I wasn’t sure if the blog would go on. I hope it does though–cause I’d hate to see it go.

    [Gods, I really need to make a post again. D: It’s been far too long.]

    • I’ve just been to busy with life to make a substantial post, but this blog is far from dead.

      I just hope that it could pick up again.

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